Charlie Sheen spent $26,000 on hookers in two days

By brendon January 19, 2011 @ 12:18 PM


Charlie Sheen would actually be kind of cool if all you heard was the sex stuff with hookers and porn stars, because let’s not kid each other that sounds awesome, but unfortunately he’s also an unstable drug addict given to fits of violence and it’s only a matter of time before he kills someone.

Until then, it’s game on, and today Radar says that, during the same weekend in Vegas that he reportedly had an orgy with three porn stars, including Bree Olson (pictured above and below) and Sandra Bullock homewrecker Michelle McGee, he also found time to spend another 26 grand on three hookers.

A drugged-up Charlie Sheen spent $26,000 on three escorts from one Las Vegas agency during his infamous weekend bender in Las Vegas.
(And he) was so smitten with one hooker who goes by the pseudonym ‘Ginger’ that he paid her $10,000 for a four-hour sex romp.
Sheen, 45, showered two other escorts with $8,000 each in separate and earlier trysts.
“Ginger said Charlie was high on cocaine when she got to the room and continued to do drugs in front of her,” the source told
“He was totally out of it and clearly had been partying all night long.”

If the government really wants to stop people from doing cocaine, they should probably black out all the media stories that make it sound like so much fun.

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    Sensei John Kreese 01/19/2011 12:27

    Better partying buddy: Sheen, Kiefer Sutherland, or Robert Downey Jr?

  2. avatar
    rokan 01/19/2011 12:28

    I could drive a jet-ski through the gap between her thighs.

  3. avatar
    One Puppet To Rule Them All 01/19/2011 12:31

    18 pics of a porn star, for the second time in 2 weeks, an only 2 pics with some barely visible nip exposed = FAILURE. Go kill yourself.

  4. avatar
    LingLing 01/19/2011 12:33

    A story about porn stars and hookers, and you give us bikini pictures? What is this, Maxim?

  5. avatar
    Observer 01/19/2011 12:33

    10 grand for four hours…?!

    …he could have had a weekend with Rokan for two bucks…

  6. avatar
    Sensei John Kreese 01/19/2011 12:35

    Rokan accepts payment in dimes too correct?

  7. avatar
    Observer 01/19/2011 12:37

    Sensei John Kreese……

    …I believe he’ll “cuff” you if you are a bit short………(or at least thick)

  8. avatar
    Death to Finkle! 01/19/2011 12:43

    I gotta say Kiefer, Sensei.

    And I want that B-25 Mitchell Bomber desk, Woodsman.

  9. avatar
    Sensei John Kreese 01/19/2011 12:47

    1 vote for Kiefer.


    I’m scrounging up dimes from my office as we speak. $2 you say?

  10. avatar
    Chicagoaniml 01/19/2011 12:48

    All that money and I bet she’s so loose he didn’t even feel anything…even in her ass.

    +1 on this post being a failure for showing a oornwhore in a Bikini. I think Maxim has riskier pics then this site.

  11. avatar
    Sensei John Kreese 01/19/2011 12:51

    I don’t know CA. Maybe Sheen is as well hung as Khloe Kardashian.

  12. avatar
    Observer 01/19/2011 12:56

    Sensei John…….

    …my vote for best partier……Selena Gomez……

  13. avatar
    Sensei John Kreese 01/19/2011 12:58

    Selena Gomez before 18 or after 18…

  14. avatar
    rokan 01/19/2011 13:07

    I don’t necessarily need the money.

    I just want to cuddle afterwards.

  15. avatar
    Gildorg 01/19/2011 13:07

    I vote for Sheen!

    Charlie is the man!

  16. avatar
    Observer 01/19/2011 13:11


    …I like both of those options….

  17. avatar
    Observer 01/19/2011 13:11

    Rokan has always been more about the principle than the cash flow……

  18. avatar
    MrAdams 01/19/2011 13:11

    A fool and his money are soon parted. If we wasn’t so vulgar looking, he could have gotten ten times as many women for that price. Fuck that ass-munching Sheen.

  19. avatar
    bwilson27 01/19/2011 13:19

    What’s wrong with that whore’s face? Is she pissed off at the cameraman for withholding coke or something?

  20. avatar
    Observer 01/19/2011 13:24

    Charlie Sheen spending 26K on a whore for a few hours is like ME spending 18K……

    …it’s all relative to your income level…..

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