Anderson Cooper got attacked in Egypt

Anderson Cooper and his crew were attacked during the riots in Cairo yesterday, with one CNN reported tweeting that Cooper was punched in the head ten times. The Huffington Post says...

The incident came as pro-Mubarak supporters attacked protesters calling for the Egyptian president to step down. Speaking on "American Morning" after the attack, Cooper said that he and his crew had been trying to go to a neutral zone between the two groups. "We never got that far," he said. "We were set upon by pro-Mubarak supporters punching us in the head." Cooper said that he and the crew tried to escape, but that the crowd only grew: "the crowd kept growing, kept throwing punches, kicks...suddenly a young man would look at you and punch you in the face."

Well, I dont condone Anderson Cooper getting punched, but what did he expect. He's a handsome rich American in some stone age shithole who hates all three of those things, in the middle of a national riot. It would be like if Lexington Steele went to a Klan rally, then an hour later was on twitter saying, "WTF!"

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