Halle Berrys baby isnt black

Halle Berry & Daughter Leaving Friend's House

God only knows what's going on over at TMZ these days (they apparently let Dina Lohan write unedited posts now), but lately they've been saying that Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry's ex, is racist, and now they add that he "went nuts whenever anyone would refer to their daughter as black".

Sources connected with the former couple tell TMZ ... whenever Gabriel would read a story about Nahla that referred to her as "black," he would go off, insisting his baby was white.  We're told Gabriel would tell Halle and others they should demand a "retraction" when such references were made regarding his daughter.

I don't think I'm being pedantic by pointing out that he's right. Nahla isn't black. Halle is half white, her mom is white, and Gabriel Aubry is Canadian, which is as white as it gets. So they should say she's mixed. Obviously Nahlas got some black in her, though Aubry probably doesn't wanna hear that phrase again anytime soon either.

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