Kirstie Alley says shes a size 6

April 21, 2011 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Extra interviewed Kirstie Alley on the set of Dancing With The Stars, and presumably she was talking abut her foot because she said she’s a size 6. She does know we can see her, right?

The actress also revealed, “I haven’t weighed myself in the last four weeks.” The slimmed-down actress may not know her weight, but she does have a goal in mind. “I bought these dresses from a [size] twelve to a two. Tonight I’m a six. When I’m a two, I’m done, people!”

Oh, hey, I guess I was wrong. I can see the tag on her pants. It has a big “6” on it, written by hand with a Sharpie. They’re from Blank Tag Warehouse, and are made of elastic, elastic, industrial elastic, and elastic dyed blue.

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