E! probably paid for Kim Kardashians wedding ring

By brendon May 26, 2011 @ 12:49 PM


Remember when Khloe Kardashian got married, and there was leaked audio from her wedding with the producers of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ telling her what to say and do the whole time?

Oh. You don’t remember that? Oh well pardon me your majesty.

Point being, now Kim Kardashian is engaged, and she stands to make millions from it, and with that kind of money at stake you can’t wait until your wedding to start choreographing everything so it looks better on TV. Like her 2 million dollar, 20.5 carat engagement ring for example. Was that a touching gesture of love or the one that tested best with focus groups? Oh you’ll never guess.

…one question is looming: how the heck did Kris Humphries afford a $2M ring?
Sure, Humphries makes a lot of money as an NBA player. His salary is $3.2M. In his six year career, he has brought in a total of $17M.
If you’re thinking that he could have been saving for years, think again – the couple has been dating for a mere 6 months.
In all likelihood, the E! network may have contributed toward the ring’s fee or at least secured a discount with the jeweler, Lorraine Schwartz.

So this romantic proposal was preceded by meetings at E! headquarters, and then a plan was hatched and numbers were crunched and scripts were written. How touching! It’s like a fairy tale from olden days!

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    SCUM 05/26/2011 14:56

    I would rather see this http://egotastic.com/full-size-image/198811/

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    SCUM 05/26/2011 15:01

    I have royal wood http://egotastic.com/full-size-image/196981/#imagetop

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    rokan 05/26/2011 15:10

    I am in Foster City til tomorrow.

    Come pick me up and we can get some hookers and blow.

    My treat.

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    The Fried Man 05/26/2011 15:14

    Reggie got Bushed again.

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    Observer 05/26/2011 15:36

    My head is still SPINNING……….

    ….reality shows are SCRIPTED……????? !!!!!

    What does that say about the nude scene in “Hometime” when Joanne dropped her towel during the “How To Install A Sauna In Your Cellar” episode oh so many years ago….?

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    rokan 05/26/2011 15:40


    I think you are thinking of an episode of Three’s Company when Mrs. Roper walks in on Jack.

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    i hate you 05/26/2011 15:41

    i am really happy for kim. i wish her a lifetime of happiness, but only if she dies in the next 90 days.

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    SCUM 05/26/2011 15:50

    Just hop in your rental Rokan and hit 101.

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    Observer 05/26/2011 16:05


    ….keep your eyes on your drink at ALL times……..

    ….I won’t make THAT mistake a 5th time……

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    rokan 05/26/2011 16:06

    I’ll take a cab and meet you at the Blue Oyster Bar on California.

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    busty 05/26/2011 16:09

    ROFL, I can’t believe this shit either, we know she loves big things after she tried to swallow Ray J’s third leg but 20 karats is just nuts, I still love watching her sex tape teasers though just a great reminder of who she really is http://bustycelebritys.com/busty-celebrity-kim-kardashian-engaged-2/

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    rokan 05/26/2011 16:11

    I want to get sit-faced drunk, climb to the top of Coit Tower, hold hands and see who can pee the furthest.

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    SCUM 05/26/2011 16:13

    Rokan, I don’t know about the Blue Oyster Bar but we do have The Old Clam House on Bayshore.

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    rokan 05/26/2011 16:24

    Just bring me anywhere I can where my chaps.

    Holy shit! I just remembered I still have Pepper’s rainbow suspenders!

    Wait til the fells see me!

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    rokan 05/26/2011 16:24

    New up

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    justlynnae 05/26/2011 18:18

    … is it really such a stretch to think that someone who made $17million over the last 6 years managed to have $2 million just lying around that he didn’t already blow? jeez, no wonder we’re in a recession.

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