LeAnn Rimes is still stalking her husbands ex


Seemingly lost on LeAnn Rimes is that Eddie Cibrian divorced Brandi Glanville to be with her, because over the past few months she has essentially turned herself into Brandi. From her weight to her tits to her wedding, even to her twitter pics, LeAnn has done everything she can to become, in a very real and terrifying sense, her husbands ex wife. And now you can add this to the list. E! says...

Despite having no kids of her own, the newlywed country star couldn't resist taking to Twitter to suggest she deserves a share of the spotlight as a "bonus mom" helping care for the two sons new hubby Eddie Cibrian had with his ex, Brandi Glanville. "Happy Mother's day weekend to all the Mom's out there.," LeAnn tweeted, paying tribute to the "Bonus Moms', Godmother's, Grandmothers and anyone who is a woman who helps love and raise children."

So when Brandi inevitably wakes up one night to find LeAnn at the foot of her bed, wearing Brandis perfume and bra and panties and holding a knife, I think a good headline would be, LeAnn Crimes!

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