Nina Dobrev is photogenic, flexible

By brendon May 25, 2011 @ 12:30 PM


‘Vampire Diaries’ star Nina Dobrev is in the new issue of ‘Seventeen Fitness’ magazine, and HOLY SHIT is there really a magazine about flexible teen girls in bikinis and cheerleading shorts? Jesus Christ. I would charge $300 an issue if I ran that magazine. It might as well be called ‘Jailbait’ with an exclamation point at the end, and the pages should all be laminated. On the down side it’s practically entrapment so I bet the editor gets called into court a lot.

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    i hate you 05/25/2011 12:36

    due to not knowing this girls age, i am confused as to whether or not i should be aroused.

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    modeztgirl 05/25/2011 12:47

    its okay she is like 21 or something like that.

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    rokan 05/25/2011 12:52

    All I know is that you can’t properly work a girl like that.

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    Mr. Nutt 05/25/2011 12:52

    Pepper’s real name is Dick Rasch.

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    rokan 05/25/2011 12:56

    I am here for meetings in Foster City.
    Scum promised to show me his home meth-lab.

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    rokan 05/25/2011 13:06

    I like her bruises.

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    i hate you 05/25/2011 13:12

    is it bad that i was aroused before i knew if i was allowed? i was worried that chris hansen was going to pop up between one of these musical ads.

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    Mr. Nutt 05/25/2011 13:14

    How about the poop shooter on this fish?

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    mattclary 05/25/2011 13:19

    She’s too skinny now. And I like how posts are deleted for no apparent reason.

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    Mr. Nutt 05/25/2011 13:33

    No Hate it’s not your fault. Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed.

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    Observer 05/25/2011 13:42

    How old is she…..?

    …..because I’m not sure that matters to me…….she Looks AT LEAST fuck-age…..

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    Admiral 05/25/2011 13:57

    “Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed.”

    Haha, what?

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    Admiral 05/25/2011 13:59

    She looked pretty good, then I saw pic #7. She’s skeletal.

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    Tylerdurden389 05/25/2011 23:06

    Actually, now I’m NOT aroused since you said she was of legal age.

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