Kim Kardashian is suing In Touch

By brendon June 08, 2011 @ 11:18 AM


In Touch, who is no doubt still strutting around after breaking the story that Jesse James was cheating on Sandra Bullock, goes to newsstands today claiming that Kim Kardashian has been cheating on her fiance for the past 5 months, with NFL, ahem, “star” Brett Lockett. Apparently Kim’s been all over him, but since she lives her life in such quiet seclusion, we just never saw them together or heard about it. It makes a lot of sense if you think about it.

Needless to say she’s suing.

(Kim is) threatening “In Touch” that if it ran the cheating story Kim would take legal action.  The letter put “In Touch” on notice; the cheating allegations “are, at a minimum, damaging, defamatory, and an invasion of her privacy.”
Kim’s reps tell TMZ Kim has never even met or spoken with Lockett. 
In the story, Lockett is quoted, saying, “I knew this was a game to her, and this is what she does.”  Lockett adds, “She pursued me.”

This really feels like a publicity stunt by Lockett, who also says he’s a model and a rapper, and In Touch doesn’t do themselves any favors by playing along and labeling him a “NFL star”. He’s a safety for the Patriots, with 7 tackles in two seasons. I’ve never even heard of Bret Lockett, and I’m on the Patriots.

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    Mr. Nutt 06/08/2011 11:27

    Well, he is black so I have to lean towards the story being true. Weiner denied his perversion at first too.

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    Shitcock 06/08/2011 11:46

    She’d be a great assfuck. You can just tell sometimes.

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    SexyRicardSimmons 06/08/2011 11:47

    Shes going to fuck all the nigs on the planet at some point because that’s her goal right? So yeah I bet this happened.

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    i hate you 06/08/2011 12:03

    ahhh. KK posts remind me of the good ol’ days. 7 tackles, huh. i could have 7 tackles.

    fuck the patriots too. her pussy has been hallowed out by the best of them at this point. the ass would be the best option. then straight to her mouf bc i care.

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    Mr. Nutt 06/08/2011 12:09

    You will need a bush hat and a guide to find the hole on that giant mound of fat.

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    MrAdams 06/08/2011 12:10

    I think fucking her left armpit would still be tighter than her pussy or her ass.

  7. avatar
    rokan 06/08/2011 12:17

    I think I would enjoy shoving a fistfull of pistachios up her shit-box.

    In fact, I’m sure of it.

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    Shitcock 06/08/2011 12:31

    I’m willing to bet her tear ducts are the tightest opening left at this point.

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    uknowwhere2findme 06/08/2011 12:38

    It’s nagger day …all day….is it February already?

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    Observer 06/08/2011 13:26

    I hope she blew him……..

    ….I’d LOVE to see the Patriots back in the SuperBowl……

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    nunyobidnez 06/08/2011 14:20

    She’s the black man’s answer to Paris Hilton.

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