Lindsay Lohan filmed a commercial

Lindsay Lohan is under house arrest, but she's free to do anything she wants as long as she doesn't leave her 1.4 million dollar condo on Venice Beach. That includes having friends over and parties and even filming a commercial, like the one she shot for over the weekend.

It's not known how much she was paid, but she turned down the original offer of $25,000 so it's presumably more than that. She was also given $10,000 in credit to use on beezid, which is a shopping auction site that has "scam" as the first suggestion on google after you type in the name. The site itself says they offer "unbelievable deals on brand new, brand name products, every day!"

So when you think about it this sort of makes sense, because if there's anyone who knows how to get brand new merchandise for nothing, it's Lindsay Lohan.

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