Lindsay Lohans party got her drug tested


Lindsay Lohan wore this smart little outfit as she made her 11th court appearance in 13 months today, just before 10am pct, after failing an alcohol test that was given to her last week (despite previous reports that she was not being tested while under house arrest).

The awesome part is that she was just 6 days from being released and free and clear to do whatever she wants. All she had to do was not drink for 30 days, but she doesn't give a fuck what judges tell her to do and so she drank. And yes, she just spent 90 days in rehab at the Betty Ford Center, but she drank then too so of she course she's still drinking now.

And awesome gets awesomer because it might have been her arrogance that gets her sent to jail. Popeater says...

It is reported that the Probation Department is also angry that Lohan has been hosting parties while under house arrest.

That would be the party she held on the roof of her Venice Beach condo while she was supposed to be in jail. The Probation Department saw those photos just like everyone else, and arrived to give her a test a day later. So at least someone in the LA justice system does something other than rape my sweetly innocent belief in equality.

NOTE: there are no cameras in the court room today, and the judge has ordered all electronic devices to be turned off, so no reporters from the court room can give updates. There are sketch artists and one photographer inside. As of 11:15am pct, the hearing has yet to begin.

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