Miley Cyrus is being appropriate on twitter again

By brendon June 30, 2011 @ 3:07 PM


In keeping with the erotic awakening of Miley Cyrus, she now goes everywhere without a bra and then posts pictures of it. This is because, if you havent heard the big news, several hundred articles have declared that Miley is sexy now. Please adjust your masturbating accordingly.

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    iSlomoshun 06/30/2011 15:10

    She sounds like a 14yr old boy going through puberty…wait she looks like one too.

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    Shitcock 06/30/2011 15:14

    Apparently I’m turned on by 14-year old boys going through puberty.

    Maybe it’s the tits on her that makes it okay. Perhaps I just like young trannies. Ahhh, the mysteries of life.

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    Habitual Line Stepper 06/30/2011 15:20

    Adjust my masturbating?
    Way aheadaya dude WAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaay aheadaya ..

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    SCUM 06/30/2011 15:36

    I wonder who has sucked Billy Rays cock more, her or her mother.

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    mercury 06/30/2011 15:51


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    SomeoneluvsU 06/30/2011 15:51

    If your going to be a semi whore and go without a bra and have pokies all the time…
    Set up you game and get totally naked… what a slacker…

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    Admiral 06/30/2011 16:02

    There are three boobs in this photo – can you spot them?

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    SomeoneluvsU 06/30/2011 16:08

    If you are waiting on Brando’s approval of a fuckable celebrity, you’ll have to wait until the next Bieber post.

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    Dr Poop 06/30/2011 16:27

    I’ll be seeing her for her pap smear next week.

    I’ve been letting my nails grow long in anticipation.

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    nunyobidnez 07/01/2011 11:30

    any female that has perky breasts like Miley’s should take their bras off as well. This should be a law.

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    havoc32 07/02/2011 08:44

    judging by this her soon to be available sextape is going to be unbelieveable. going to make kim k’s seem like those nat geo specials on the tribes of the amazon and paris’s like the 80% of college sophmores bad ideas after a little sniff

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    Observer 07/05/2011 13:57

    I’m not opposed to fucking this equine-faced skank……

    ….I’m just curious as to whether she makes that braying “hee-haw” noise that many donkeys make when they cum…..

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