Nicole Eggerts still got it

By brendon June 29, 2011 @ 12:32 PM


Nicole Eggert was the quintessential summer blond when she starred on ‘Baywatch’, the personification of the girls people imagined when they thought of the beaches in Southern California. Now she’s closer to what people imagine when they picture the beaches in Japan, stomping up to destroy Tokyo and going “RARR, RARR!!”

Granted she’s pregnant in these pictures, in fact they were taken at her baby shower, so for her sake that baby better weigh 180 pounds or be a bear.

(image source = pacific coast)

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    Fake FatOldElvis 06/29/2011 12:33


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    Ghengis 06/29/2011 12:40

    PROTIP: You bitches don’t need to eat EVERYTHING in sight just because you are fucking pregnant.

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    i hate you 06/29/2011 12:45

    holy fucking shit. this is why women must live under strict regulatory standards of diet and exercise regimine. at least film is forever…….i love the music in the background.

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    rokan 06/29/2011 12:52

    Imagine how big her twat is!

    I think I’m in love.

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    Mr. Pickles 06/29/2011 12:57

    i would still fuck her retarded. She has to be more responsive than that turtle.


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    rokan 06/29/2011 13:01

    She looks pregnant. It sure as hell isn’t mine.

    I wore two rubbers and only fucked her in the ass.

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    The Narrator 06/29/2011 13:04

    Holy mother shit, what the hell ate her?

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    rokan 06/29/2011 13:12

    Looks like she’s been stocking up on Nolan Ryan’s jalapeno sausage.

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    i hate you 06/29/2011 13:14

    something like this is just plain impossible to rebound from. like that time pepper brought the asian trannie hooker to the bunker and mikey caught them in what was assumed to be coitus, but in fact was not.

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    Shitcock 06/29/2011 13:14

    I totally wanted to pound that ass back in her Charles in Charge days…

    Where’s my goddam time machine when I need it?

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    Admiral 06/29/2011 13:22

    At first glance I thought it was like one of those “Biggest Loser” before and after pictures. I was like, “Funny, the pictures should go the other way…”

    And then it dawned on me, like a bacon sunrise…

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    rokan 06/29/2011 13:24

    I bet her clam still smells like Willie Ames and David hasselhof’s man jam.

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    i hate you 06/29/2011 13:27

    i bet her clam smells like a teenage boy’s gym socks.

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    MayerGary 06/29/2011 13:28

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    Admiral 06/29/2011 13:30

    Eggerts ‘n’ Bacon, amiright?

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    SexyRicardSimmons 06/29/2011 13:31

    I would totally let her shit on my chest!!!!

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    Mac-Daddy 06/29/2011 13:34

    I fucked her in ’92! (True story!)

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    mercury 06/29/2011 13:44


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    SomeoneluvsU 06/29/2011 13:47

    Who’s the father? …

    Andre the Giant?

    (and yes, I know he’s dead)

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    i hate you 06/29/2011 14:51

    mac-daddy, it looks like your sperm may have been what ruined her.

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