pray for Lindsay Lohan


As the end result of all this, which, among many many many other crimes, includes kidnapping three people after car-jacking their SUV and driving it 100mph down PCH while drunk and high on cocaine to chase down her ex-assistant who was terrified and thought she was going to die, Lindsay Lohan is under house arrest for a few weeks. Not in jail. Which means that she and her admittedly fantastic tits are at her $1.4 million condo on Venice Beach, and it's perfectly fine for her to have parties on the roof and drink and smoke with her friends, like she did yesterday.

This is her punishment.

And the legal system in LA is okay with that.

I just hope she can adjust when she gets out. I'm worried it'll be too big a shock. What if she hangs herself like Brooks in 'Shawshank'? I assume they have some kind of counseling but it's gonna be tough.

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