Thursday headlines, with Michelle Hunziker in a bikini


ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER - had lunch with his son Patrick today, and things seem to go fine. Which sucks because wouldn't it be badass if he went all apeshit with some kind of Oedipus complex. The Kennedys are all nuts so I figure there's still time. (popeater)

KIM KARDASHIAN - is now engaged of course, but was the proposal filmed as footage for her reality show? Oh gosh, I wonder what the answer is. (people)

JANE LYNCH - will host the Emmys this year, a very prestigious honor only trusted to those who have proven they can read a teleprompter. (la times)

MICHELLE HUNZIKER - has been lounging around at the beach in Varigotti, Italy, for about a week now. Because she's a model. What the hell did you think she was gonna do, go around solving crimes? (splash news)

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