‘Transformers 3′ is down 40 percent from ’2′

By brendon June 30, 2011 @ 4:27 PM


No doubt fueled by it’s juvenile cheap shots at Megan Fox (like Shia telling his parents he “moved on to something better” or one of the robots saying his last girlfriend was “mean”), ‘Transformers 3’ had the biggest opening day of 2011 and is doing incredibly well by any definition.

Unless you compare it to the opening day for ‘Transformers 2’, the one with Megan Fox, in which case it’s an embarrassing failure.

E! cites this list of the all time opening days on Box Office Mojo and says

In its first full day in theaters, Transformers: Dark of the Moon grossed an estimated $37.3 million, good for sixth place on the list of all-time Wednesday openers.
But as you’ll notice, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is in second place, with a far bigger, far fatter $62 million debut.

And that’s despite the fact that 60 percent of ticket sales were for 3D, where average ticket prices are $10.85 and $14.85 for IMAX, as compared to the $7.50 they paid to see the second one.

It’s also despite the fact that ‘Dark of the Moon’ is actually pretty good. I’m as amazed as anyone but I liked it. The good news is they can still match the weekend total for ‘Revenge of the Fallen’, as long as they consider a weekend to be 17 days long.

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    Kung fu Brian 06/30/2011 16:33

    Goddamn don’t let Hangover 2 be the highest grossing movie of the Summer

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    SomeoneluvsU 06/30/2011 16:34

    Normally i don’t like my girls with the entire Constitution tattooed on them,
    But Fox is sexy as fuck, so I think I could overlook it…

  3. avatar
    Shiss 06/30/2011 16:38

    It looks like she needs to do some trimming “down south”. Sorta freaky in a 70′s porn kind of way.

  4. avatar
    rokan 06/30/2011 16:58

    What’s crawling out of her pants?

  5. avatar
    mikey the retard 06/30/2011 17:15

    hav you guys eber bopped your baloney?

  6. avatar
    SCUM 06/30/2011 17:20

    My pants are down 40% because I am about to make a number 2.

  7. avatar
    Mr. Nutt 06/30/2011 17:41

    That is a tattoo at the top of her bottoms that reads; please turn over and fuck hard.

  8. avatar
    Mr. Nutt 06/30/2011 17:43

    She will regret that tattoo after the C-section. It will read like a Mad magazine fold in.

  9. avatar
    iSlomoshun 06/30/2011 18:02

    I’d drag my dick through a mile of broken glass just to smell where she pissed last night.

  10. avatar
    Mr. Nutt 06/30/2011 18:28

    iSlomoshun 06/30/2011 18:02
    I’d drag my dick through a mile of broken glass just to smell where she pissed last night.

    This is the problem with guys these days. Girls know this and use it against us. The more I treat them like shit, the harder it is to get rid of them when they bore me.

  11. avatar
    iSlomoshun 06/30/2011 18:30

    Calm down Nutt..it was clearly a joke

  12. avatar
    Mr. Nutt 06/30/2011 18:53

    Calm down iSomoshun, I was clearly serious. Your dick through broken glass makes me squirm more than it makes me laugh. I would drag her through broken glass and then throw salt water on her while I fuck her in the ass. Now that’s funny!

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    j4ck4l 06/30/2011 18:54

    What we need is a movie where Micheal Bay transforms into a good director.

  14. avatar
    Mr. Nutt 06/30/2011 19:33

    Do you know what else is funny? Little people!


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  16. avatar
    MrAdams 06/30/2011 22:11

    I’d drag my dick through a mile of rusty razor blades just to smell where she pissed last night.

  17. avatar
    MrAdams 06/30/2011 22:39

    Transformers? It’s a robot that turns into a building. What’s fun about that? I don’t get it.

  18. avatar
    SomeoneluvsU 06/30/2011 22:50

    Isn’t the place where Megan Fox pissed last night the same place
    That Brian Austin Green pissed this morning?
    Just sayin.
    ….granted, they both did it sitting down
    (Setiing down for the Kansastonians out there.)

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    Death to Finkle! 06/30/2011 23:05


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    Gildorg 07/01/2011 02:17

    How’s the job going, Mr. Nutt?

    Just got home a little bit ago… These Closing Shifts suck ass!

    Well, got a little time before I gotta pass out and do it all over again!

    This first shot is for all of you Durdens out there!


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