LeAnn Rimes kept her bikini pictures distracting

By brendon July 05, 2011 @ 10:54 AM


LeAnn Rimes and her stolen family went to Malibu for the 4th of July, and as always LeAnn was in a bikini because she thinks she’s hot. I wouldn’t go that far but it helps you forget she that looks like a magic luck dragon, at least. As long as Falkor never gets implants, she should be all set.

(image source = flynet)

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    Shitcock 07/05/2011 11:03

    “bc”? Really? You type out all the other drivel and can’t bring yourself to spell out “because”? I assume that’s what you meant, anyway. It’s only 5 more keystrokes, dude. Why not just make all your posts the first goddamn letter of each word and increase your productivity by 5000%?

    Fuck off, I’m grouchy.

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    Shitcock 07/05/2011 11:13

    Hahahahaha, thanks for correcting that now.

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    Mac-Daddy 07/05/2011 11:14

    I’ve never found her attractive, but her ass looks good here!

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    mminsc 07/05/2011 11:43

    She looks DAMN good in that bikini, period! Women should take note of this!

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    Observer 07/05/2011 12:41

    I’ll risk assuming that I’d fuck her…..given half a chance…….

    ….because…..well…..I like fucking….

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    motherfuckingmonster 07/05/2011 15:51

    she looks like shit. barf. she’s def an ex-fatty judging by her body. this is such shit. why pay her to look worse than most of the real housewives? SURGERY.

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