Michelle Rodriguez has a sexy new boyfriend

By brendon July 08, 2011 @ 3:32 PM


Even though everyone has always assumed Michelle Rodriguez is gay, she’s spent the past few days off the Italian coast snuggling up to Italian entrepreneur Gianluca Vacchi. So either she wasn’t really gay, or girls who think they’re gay aren’t really gay and just need a sexy hunk in a speedo who can give it to a girl right. That’s also the title of my eharmony profile, by the way. Call me, ladies!

(image source = inf and fame)


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  1. SCUM 07/08/2011 15:34

    Does he drink Dos Equis?

  2. i hate you 07/08/2011 15:34

    white speedos on white guys who are getting on sorta black mexican types cause me anxiety.

  3. BieberFever69 07/08/2011 15:37

    I have those same bikini bottoms.

  4. Shitcock 07/08/2011 15:40

    I’d suck his dick before I’d suck hers, that’s for sure.

  5. NautiusMaximus08 07/08/2011 15:43

    I thought the same thing SCUM….

  6. rokan 07/08/2011 15:45

    I was just wiping my ass and my finger punched through the toilet paper and went up my asshole to the first knuckle.

    That used to cost me a footrub when I was still married.

  7. SCUM 07/08/2011 16:00

    Here’s looking at you http://egotastic.com/full-size-image/285001/

  8. DBXdarkangel 07/08/2011 16:02

    OMG When is she going to go topless!!!

  9. SCUM 07/08/2011 16:03

    Still one of my favorites http://egotastic.com/full-size-image/284451/

  10. The Puppet 07/08/2011 16:09

    OMG, is he wearing her strap -on?

  11. i hate you 07/08/2011 16:32

    OMG, is a puppet considered a strap on?

  12. Django20 07/08/2011 16:38

    I don’t always fuck latino she-males, but when I do, I fuck the thing from Girlfight.

  13. Mr. Nutt 07/08/2011 16:40

    This is do-able.


  14. i hate you 07/08/2011 16:43

    i couldn’t stare at that left nipple, i would have to fuck her from behind.

  15. Mr. Nutt 07/08/2011 16:44

    Her strap-on is made of Chupacabra leather.

  16. MrAdams 07/08/2011 16:49

    This looks kweer enough to be the story that stays up all week-end long. I’m just saying.

  17. i hate you 07/08/2011 16:51

    adams it get’s better. at least we don’t have to stare at the dude’s dong all wknd bc there is a new up.

  18. Observer 07/08/2011 17:38

    I don’t think we posters should be discriminatory here…….

    ….nothing says a full-scissoring lesbian can’t learn to suck cock for money……

    …stay thirsty my female friends……

  19. Observer 07/08/2011 17:41

    I bet I’ve MADE more lesbians than I’ve CURED……..

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