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By brendon August 24, 2011 @ 4:50 PM


As you no doubt heard, the new issue of In Touch came out yesterday and claimed that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett were separating after 13 years of marriage. Will and Jada quickly issued the worlds least convincing denial, but if they had known what the article actually said (via Gossip Cop), they probably wouldn’t have even bothered.

The magazine alleges that Jada “destroyed” Anthony’s marriage to Jennifer Lopez (as well as her own) by sneaking around with Anthony behind her husband’s back.
Will supposedly uncovered her “ultimate betrayal” when he caught Jada with Anthony (her “HawthoRNe” co-star) in the Smiths’ Hidden Hills mansion.
Smith’s “suspicions” were “painfully confirmed” when he came to the house unannounced “under the cover of darkness” … Smith “left the house crying” and was “very upset” because Anthony was supposedly inside with Jada.
The following day “it was as if all hell had broken loose” with Jada moving some of her belongings out of the couple’s home and Will allegedly firing staffers he suspected of “covering up” for her.

Oohh, yeah, yeah, and after that JLo and Jada wrestled and fell into the pool at the country club, while Willow fell deeper under the spell of the schools new bad boy Jericho Hawk, and other insane shit that only happens on General Hospital.

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    SpenceTamara 08/24/2011 16:52

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    Mr. Poop 08/24/2011 16:56


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    Mr. Nutt 08/24/2011 17:17

    Never trust anything that bleeds every 28 days and never dies.

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    Mr. Poop 08/24/2011 17:26


    We lost jeffav today.

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    Observer 08/24/2011 17:49

    Mr. Poop……

    ….he will be missed…….

    …..but he needed to attend to his problem…..


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    Observer 08/24/2011 17:53

    Mr. Poop……

    …..you are exactly right (in the last thread) about comments, poop talk, avatars, girls and cocaine (do people still use that shit?)

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    Mr. Nutt 08/24/2011 17:54

    I am sorry to loose anybody but if he’s got to go, he’s got to go.

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    MrAdams 08/24/2011 17:55

    What? Me worry? About this shit, not a chance.

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    Observer 08/24/2011 17:55


    ….Brenda Song is PREGGO…!!!!!!!

    ….does Eduardo know…?

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    Mr. Poop 08/24/2011 17:55


    I had Mikey do a review of Egotastic and he claims while there are indeed pictures of “bewbs” that there is no where to point out the many sexual devianies which people pay him for.

    Actually he said, ‘how wil i tel peeple about hoo tuchers my pener?”

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    Observer 08/24/2011 18:00

    Dr. Poop……

    ….did I mention that I finally put in a nanny cam……to keep an eye on my baby…?


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    Mr. Poop 08/24/2011 18:10

    After watching that video twice, I am of the opinion that the “baby” was some sort of poltergeist.

    Other than that, it was pretty awesome, other than the earthquake.

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    Dr Poop 08/24/2011 18:11


    If the baby is still breast feeding I would recommend getting him weened and starting him off on a diet of low fat Monkey Chow.

  14. avatar
    mikey the retard 08/24/2011 18:13

    he luuks lik my cusin gary

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    STINKFIST 08/24/2011 18:13


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    Observer 08/24/2011 18:17

    Dr. Poop……

    ….that kid could DO the breastfeeding…..

    Mr. Poop……the earthquake COULD have been triggered by that kid falling off the couch…

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    Rok 08/24/2011 18:23


    You certainly have started quite a dialog with this video.

    I like how the kid just laid there even when they kicked him in the asshole.

    While I disagree with Mr. Poop that it is a poltergeist, i do think the parents have alot of nerve letting a baby orangutan around their jailbait.

  18. avatar
    Observer 08/24/2011 18:26


    I believe ….they kicked his butt cheek….not his asshole……though dollars to donuts……that diaper is well-padded with hours of pee……

    …..actually….I can hardly wait to see the Isiahs, Chantels and Uniquaes that pop out of the two dancing chicks in a couple of years……

  19. avatar
    Rok 08/24/2011 18:29


    If there’s one thing I learned from Pepper, if someone is putting a boot below the beltline, they are always going for your asshole.

    True story.

  20. avatar
    Observer 08/24/2011 18:32


    ….Pepper is a great teacher……..

    …but maybe not as great as these babes……


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