Britney Spears wants more litt'lins


As far as I know, the British tabloids have never been wrong about anything, certainly not when it comes to celebrity gossip, so when the Sun says Britney Spears has convinced her fiance that they should start a family, you can take it to the bank. She's probably in labor as we speak.

The couple have been having several talks about their future recently and decided they would be keen to start a family once Britney's gigs are wrapped up at the end of the year. A source said: "She's always wanted a big family but also wants to prove to herself and to her family she is a good mother. She wants another chance to put things right. "Now she's finally had the green light from Jason, she can't wait."

I bet the only ones against this would be her current two kids. Because the new kid is gonna have a dad who is smart, handsome, and accomplished, while their dad is fat titted jackass. If there was a way to gamble on "guy who will have a girl cut off his dick next", I would put a million dollars on KFed.

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