Lindsay Lohan is trolling for friends on twitter

By brendon August 30, 2011 @ 2:16 PM


Lindsay Lohan wasn’t invited to the MTV Video Music Awards this year (which is amazing considering that she actually hosted the movie awards in 2004) and so the closest she can get to any real celebrities these days is with her TV and her twitter. So that’s why after Chris Brown took the stage, she wrote

@ChrisBrown killed it. #MTVVMAs

Which the desperate-for-approval Brown promptly re-tweeted, and led the desperate-for-friends Lohan to reply

@chrisbrown wanna meet?

Um, she does realize we can all see this right? This isn’t her own personal message system. She might not because she also follows this Chris Brown, who doesn’t follow her back so they don’t seem to know each other. So I’m assuming she followed the wrong one. It’s sort of stunning to see how dumb she is. It’s to the point now where you wonder how she manages to feed and clothe herself.


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  1. MrAdams 08/30/2011 14:34

    Does anybody beside teenaged girls and pedophiles actually use Twitter?

  2. Mr. Poop 08/30/2011 14:37

    Everyday I’m shuffling . . .

  3. Gildorg 08/30/2011 15:00

    I still kinda wanna bang her in the butt…

  4. Mr. Poop 08/30/2011 15:11

    Of course you do, Gildorg.

    Its only natural.

    I feel the same way about the T-Mobile girl.

  5. Mr. Pickles 08/30/2011 15:18

    My phone is broken and I feel like the Tmobile girl fucked me in the butt.


  6. Mac-Daddy 08/30/2011 15:18

    I bet she goes ass-to-mouth without hesitation!

  7. Mr. Poop 08/30/2011 15:19


    Was the antennae up or down?

  8. i hate you 08/30/2011 15:39

    who is pepper?

  9. Observer 08/30/2011 16:04

    …..I bet she’d kick the coon Chris Brown’s ass…….didn’t you see “Machete”?

    …I don’t know who the other one (Chris Brown) is…

  10. Mr. Poop 08/30/2011 16:23


  11. i hate you 08/30/2011 16:26

    i don’t think pepper is pickles mr poo poo.

  12. mikey the retard 08/30/2011 17:02

    i hav a dangler in my bathing soot

  13. Mr. Nutt 08/30/2011 17:08

    In Lindsay’s world, friends = money.

    Hello men, puppets. How’s it hanging?

  14. mikey the retard 08/30/2011 17:19

    fuk twidder

  15. Dr Poop 08/30/2011 17:30

    New up, taint-rubbers.

  16. turdferguson 08/30/2011 19:27

    Chris, ordinarily I’d never say this, but you have my express permission to punch her in the face several times.

  17. sjbya 08/30/2011 22:06

    Come go and see, will not regret it Oh look


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