Oohh. Its Kim Kardashian wedding video.

By brendon August 22, 2011 @ 12:07 PM

So, as you may know, Kim Kardashian got married on Saturday, and she did it in the most media-whorish way possible, with literally every facet of it sold off to endorsements or tabloids. And of course the wedding itself was all staged to be fodder for her TV show on E!, who has some breaking news…

E! News has obtained exclusive footage from Kim’s big day, from the bride walking down the aisle on stepdad Bruce Jenner’s arm to Kim and Kris Humphries holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes at the altar.
Check out the packed house, the flowers, the black and white decor, the bridal party and Kim’s stunning Vera Wang gown!

Oh, did you really? Did you really obtain some exclusive footage? However did you manage such a scoop? And no I will not check out the packed house, the flowers and Kims stunning Vera Wang gown. You’re not the boss of me, fuck off.

SLIGHTLY LESS ANNOYING UPDATE: ripped a copy of the video to avoid the ad with auto sound e! had attached to theirs.

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    iSlomoshun 08/22/2011 12:10

    Why couldn’t terrorists bomb something like this instead of WTC or Train Stations in Europe..people actually use these other things.

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    ShitStorm 08/22/2011 13:02

    Why is this chick so f-ing busted? It’s gargoyles like this than make me reminisce about Paris Hilton. If you are going to elevate no-talent ass clowns to celebrity status, at least make sure they are better than C+ material. Fat ass, donkey face.

  3. avatar
    Captain SnugglePants 08/22/2011 13:05

    I, for the life of me, cannot fathom how the fuck this no-talent, waste of fucking space, ever got to be so “famous”. She, and her sisters, must have sold their souls to the devil for this, to be sure. It’s really a shame how so many people just gobble up this BS.

  4. avatar
    Dr. Gonzo 08/22/2011 13:13

    i saw a picture of this somewhere, and that guy looked white to me.
    What gives?

  5. avatar
    Mr. Poop 08/22/2011 13:30

    New up, butt-touchers

  6. avatar
    Bent Monkey 08/22/2011 20:00

    Their whole family is fuc*ed up, damn, even Jenner’s face looks like he is permanently stuck in a wind tunnel that tests Mach 5 acceleration. I blame all this shit on that midget Seacrest

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    PageJulian 08/22/2011 20:54

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    zaicaonimei 08/22/2011 21:48

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