Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are naked

By brendon August 09, 2011 @ 5:25 PM


Remember the statue of Britney Spears giving birth on a bear rug (this)? Or the one of Paris Hiltons autopsy (this)? Well those were done by this weirdo, who now has a bronze sculture of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber conjoined at the torso, out for a walk on their three legs, naked except for a Texas lone star over Selenas vagina and a Maple Leaf over Justins vagina.

And do geese fuck armadillos, which will soon lead to armored geese ruling the air and lakes and sending man to live in caves? According to these shocking images, yes!

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    iSlomoshun 08/09/2011 17:29

    “except for a Texas lone star over Selenas vagina and a Maple Leaf over Justins vagina”

    I lol’d hard

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    Tuco The Ugly 08/09/2011 17:34


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    Tuco The Ugly 08/09/2011 17:35

    Justin has a very pteeeyie Chocha..

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    Mr. Nutt 08/09/2011 17:40

    This is one of the reasons why this country is going into the shitter!

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    Mr. Nutt 08/09/2011 17:43

    The one on the right looks like Michael Jackson. Which would be accurate because he is with a young boy.

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    Mr. Poop 08/09/2011 18:01

    A lone star over her twat and a maple leaf over his pener?

    You’re fucking with me right?

    I would have a top hat over mine

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    Mr. Nutt 08/09/2011 18:10

    Mr. Poop, A top hat is nice and classy but please consider a nice codpiece.

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    Mr. Poop 08/09/2011 18:35

    That’s one hell of a shit for a baby.

    I would have thought someone who’s diet was purely Tom Cruise’s breast milk would have had runnier stool.

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    Mr. Nutt 08/09/2011 19:03

    I bet the nanny threw it away. When those two idiots got home and asked if she saved it, she panicked and said “yes” then ran in the other room and pinched that one out thinking “thank God I didn’t have corn last night!”

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    Crumb Crisp Coating 08/09/2011 19:06

    But can you fuck the statue?

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    Dr. Gonzo 08/09/2011 19:11

    It’s too bad michael Jackson is dead because he totally would have bought this

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    Mr. Poop 08/09/2011 19:41

    I’ve lost interest..

    I’d like to VanderSloot both of them.

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    Mr. Nutt 08/09/2011 20:22

    Poop, (R O K A N) you can’t loose interest! The relationship is building up to the big break-up! I hear Selena is going to go for Jennifer Anistons record of 6+ years of whining about a lost love. ( I am positive I spelled some names wrong but you get the point and I don’t give a rats ass.)

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    Observer 08/09/2011 20:30

    Mr. Nutt……

    ….I’m sure all the whining will be on the Bieber’s part….

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    Observer 08/09/2011 20:32

    Mr. Poop……@18:35…….

    … are damn right about that…….

    …..that shit weighs more than my 3 year old does now….!

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    Mr. Nutt 08/09/2011 20:38

    Thats the nanny’s shit! What person gets their kids turd bronzed anyway?

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    Mr. Nutt 08/09/2011 20:47

    Obs, I thought about it for a few minutes and I agree with you. Bieber will whine like a stuck pig.

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    Observer 08/09/2011 20:51

    Mr. Nutt……

    …..until Gomez beefs up from pushing out puppies and chomping on gorditas……I would fuck her six ways to Sunday……..

    ……which may be a creepy thought since my kids have calendars and pictures of her all over the playroom……

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    Mr. Poop 08/09/2011 20:52

    My parents bronzed my foreskin.

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