umm, hey Rihanna. How's Kadooment Day?


Rihanna is back home in Barbados today for the end of Crop Over, a festival celebrating the end of the sugar cane harvest. And today they had the Grand Kadooment Parade, which is why she's dressed like this. Or maybe this is how they always dress. I don't even know where the fuck Barbados is to be honest with you.

The Barbados Tourism Department says...

It is 'Kadooment Day' and the `Last Lap', this is when a culmination of the Island`s top Costume Designers and Bandleaders, masquerade with thousands of revelers in front of judges along the streets, climaxing at the Spring Garden Highway. 

You get an 'A' for effort Barbados Tourism Department, but I'm still not going, because this sounds like Mardi Gras but instead of drunk sorority girls showing their tits for beads, it's old ladies dunking a doll stuffed with hay in chicken blood and then stabbing it. For beads.

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