oh, hey there Britney. Pink, huh?

By brendon September 19, 2011 @ 2:00 PM


The internet was all abuzz this weekend because Britney was in London and when she got out of a car you could see her panties. And it was sort of like that time 5 years ago when she got out of a car and you could see her vagina. Except this time you couldn’t, and also she was dressed vaguely like Robin Hood. I think the lesson to be learned here is that the internet is a really dumb place.

(image source = pacific coast and flynet)

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    Joust 09/19/2011 14:05

    *insert boring, senseless comment here to blend in with Mrs. Nutt and Rok’s puppets*

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    Smacko 09/19/2011 14:05

    I’d like to use those to wipe off my dipstick.

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    Mr. Nutt 09/19/2011 14:06

    Mrs. Green lantern.

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    jeebes34 09/19/2011 14:07

    geah! now that’s what I’m screamin…pink is my favorite culla! on a chick that is…this is pretty much old news though. everyone’s already seen her crotch a million times. It’s probably more famous than she is.

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    Mr. Nutt 09/19/2011 14:08

    You lead by example Joust. Keep up the good work.

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    mikey the retard 09/19/2011 14:09

    mr joust payd me 3 dollers to let him flush his teeth wiht the nutt-net ov my baything soot

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    Mr. Nutt 09/19/2011 14:17

    Were you wearing them at the time Mikey?

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    mikey the retard 09/19/2011 14:22

    no twinkie stold them adn thay were in her bedd by her choo rag

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    Mr. Nutt 09/19/2011 14:27

    Bad Twinkie. Tell Joust you want to see some zeros on the end of the amounts he pays you for his deviant behavior. You have to think about retirement Mikey.

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    Mr. Nutt 09/19/2011 14:29

    Chew rag. Either the name of a band or what I’m going to call my X-wife.

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    Beppo 09/19/2011 14:29


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    Rok 09/19/2011 14:31

    I just took a shit, miscalculated how much was left in my asshole, and skunk-striped myself up to my 6th vertebrae.

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    Mr. Nutt 09/19/2011 14:35

    Did you think about the video I posted earlier when you were downloading your software?

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    Rok 09/19/2011 14:45

    I didn’t see the part with a turd in it. Where is it?

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    Mr. Nutt 09/19/2011 14:49

    Mr. Nutt 09/19/2011 11:44
    10:54 exactly.

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    Rok 09/19/2011 14:49


    Jesus Nutt!

    That was quite a dump!

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    Mr. Poop 09/19/2011 14:52

    If the director had any respect for himself, he would have had her eat some corn the night before.

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    Mr. Nutt 09/19/2011 15:09

    When I saw that I said to myself, self, R0kan might really like this. I must share it with him. You should see the one where the girl fucks a horse. WOW!

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    Mr. Nutt 09/19/2011 15:17


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    i hate you 09/19/2011 15:17

    speaking of horse fucking……i thought joust was dead…


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