ok I take it back


OK so I guess Julie Bowen of 'Modern Family' also looked kind of great at the Emmys last night. She looked really pretty and by all accounts she's a perfectly nice woman (if someone sees Julie Bowen reading this they should probably stop her here) but her winning Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy really highlights how god dammed dumb the Emmys are. Kaitlin Olson from ‘Always Sunny' should have won this award every year for 5 years. She and Joel McHale weren't even nominated. That's complete inexplicable bullshit. 'Always Sunny' and 'Community' have the best casts on TV by a mile, and if anyone thinks otherwise, that person is a joyless prick who has no idea what good comedy acting is. They should have won even if the category was called, 'Best Actor on Modern Family'.

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