‘The Raid’ has a red band trailer

October 5, 2011 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

This is not exactly new but after seeing the ‘War Horse’ trailer, it’s a nice reminder that some movies are still exciting and original as opposed to Speilbergs by-the-numbers exploitative bullshit.

‘The Raid’ is about a police, um, well, raid on a criminal safe house in the slums of Jakarta. Suffice to say it doesn’t go very well. This is getting a Hollywood re-make that will no doubt suck because I don’t think it’s even legal to shoot actors in the face with stunt guns anymore (mostly because of this) like they do at the 1:05 mark. But in India they don’t give a fuck. That’s the advantage of working with actors who believe in reincarnation.

(slightly better copy here. This was directed by Gareth Evans btw, who first made a name for himself with the completely awesome ‘Merantau’. Here’s that trailer. Please note the 1:54 mark, when they don’t even bother with fight choreography anymore and just start crippling people set to music.)

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