Brett Ratner lied about “banging” Olivia Munn

By brendon November 08, 2011 @ 10:42 AM


Brett Ratner had a perfectly terrible weekend, and that’s awesome because he’s a shitty director and an asshole and no one deserves success less than he does. Here’s a recap:

FRIDAY: Ratner explained that the reason his movies look like no one bothered to rehearse is because no one bothered to rehearse. Then he added the word “fags”.

“After a screening of his new movie ‘Tower Heist’ at L.A.’s Arclight Cinemas, the director came out for a Q&A, and when asked by the moderator whether he prepares and rehearses with his actors before shooting a scene, Ratner waved his hand dismissively and said, “Rehearsal is for fags.”

To be honest this seems dumb because he obviously wasn’t insulting gay people and he meant “fag” more like the way South Park explained it, but since gay groups are naturally inclined to throw hissyfits, that’s what they did, forcing him to apologize to save his gig producing this years Oscar telecast.

SATURDAY AND SUNDAY: ‘Tower Heist’ sort of tanked at the box office, finishing the weekend in second place with just $24 million, about 11 million less than it was expected to make. On the bright side that’s still 24 million more than a lazy copy of ‘Oceans 11′ except instead of Brad Pitt and Catherine Zeta Jones they have Eddie Murphy flirting with a 1400 pound moonfaced lump should have made.

MONDAY: Ratner admitted he was lying last week when he went on G4 and said he had sex with Olivia Munn. To be specific, what he said was…

“She was hanging out on my set of ‘After the Sunset,’ I banged her a few times, but I forgot her.”

Needless to say she didn’t really appreciate that. No girl would. Trust me, I haven’t been a virgin for months now, I know what a lady looks for in a lover.

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    RangerLG 11/08/2011 10:45

    What’s with the pics of Precious? Is that what Bren is looking for? Was she seen walking in Oklahoma recently?

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    SomeoneluvsU 11/08/2011 11:12

    Rat-ner said the press misquoted him
    He didn’t say he was fucking Munn…..
    He said he was fucking Bieber’s bum.

  3. avatar
    Observer 11/08/2011 11:25

    Who is the BUN…..?

  4. avatar
    Observer 11/08/2011 11:26

    BUN = Big Ugly N@gger…..

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    SchneiderRafael83 11/08/2011 11:26

    ive got some info

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    SchneiderRafael83 11/08/2011 11:30

    oh yeah

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    MrAdams 11/08/2011 11:31

    What’s with the picture of the homeless guy?

  9. avatar
    fukka diddle 11/08/2011 11:39

    Nevah trust a Jew.

  10. avatar
    steeb2er 11/08/2011 11:42

    Catherine Zeta-Jones wasn’t in Oceans 11. Julia Roberts was. CZJ was Ocean’s 12. And that whole sentence is missing a word or two.

  11. avatar
    UoyKcuf 11/08/2011 13:25

    @ Observer 11/08/2011 11:25

    I prefer to say BUM… Big Ugly Monday..

    because lets face it, no one likes Mondays

  12. avatar
    UoyKcuf 11/08/2011 13:25

    @ Observer 11/08/2011 11:25

    I prefer to say BUM… Big Ugly Monday..

    because lets face it, no one likes Mondays

  13. avatar
    Observer 11/08/2011 13:38


    …..well said….

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    BA732 11/08/2011 17:04

    OLIVIAS booty is FINE….

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