Brett Ratner made Lindsay get tested for STDs


Brett Ratner is absolutely the kind of director who would have sex with young actresses, and Lindsay Lohan is absolutely the kind of young actress who would have sex with a director, so naturally these two had sex for a few months back in 2006, according to Ratner.

Oh but he wasn't done embarrassing her yet.

"Before I have sex with a girl, I do do one weird thing," Ratner said. "I do take ‘em to the doctor and check ‘em out. I'm like a cootie freak. I'm a germaphobe. I'm a hypochondriac. Before I go all the way, I send the girl to the doctor and check them for everything. My doctor has a test to tell if you're going to catch something in the future even." Lohan obliged, came back 'clean' and the couple enjoyed a few months of fun before she discovered Ratner was cheating on her with at least one Victoria's Secret model Alina Puscau.

If true, I will admit it takes admirable self control to go through all that before having sex with a girl. I don't even like asking her a bunch of questions. It might wake her up.

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