Brian Grazer will produce the Oscars

By brendon November 10, 2011 @ 1:30 AM


Brian Grazer, one of the most accomplished and respected producers in Hollywood, has agreed to replace Brett Ratner as the producer for this years Oscar telecast. There’s still no host to replace the departed Eddie Murphy, but one of the top choices seems to be Neil Patrick Harris. Who will definitely rehearse if nothing else wink wink.

(source = hollywood reporter)

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    Death to Finkle! 11/10/2011 13:37

    How do we go from Sofia Vergara’s tits to this shit?

    With that being said, I would really love to use the sweat-soaked toes of those black pantyhose she was wearing the other day to steep a cup of chamomile tea…

    Ooops! I’ve soiled myself!

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    Pepper 11/10/2011 13:43

    A fucking monkey can produce those fucking shows….How hard can it be.
    Get up read the names…tell a bad joke…announce the winner ….music…Thank the producers , mom and dad…….more stupid jokes……….more lame jokes…curtain…..

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    Mr. Nutt 11/10/2011 13:55

    Pepper, you nailed it.

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    Mac-Daddy 11/10/2011 14:12

    I heard they were getting Carrie Underpants and that dood from the country Music Awards

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    My thoughts 11/10/2011 15:55

    I don’t know why they are making a big deal about the Oscars. It wasn’t exactly a banner year for movies. Maybe Hollywood should sit this one out. It will be hard to come up with 4 or 5 good movies in each catagory to even nominate. It’s not like Val Kilmer was in a lot of movies in 2011.

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    Observer 11/10/2011 17:37


    …..they say the devil is in the details………these producers STILL have to fuck most of the semi-attractive production staff…….

    ….that kind of thing can take hours……

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