Eddie Murphy out as Oscar host

By brendon November 09, 2011 @ 3:30 PM

Brett Ratner is the one who convinced Eddie Murphy to host the Academy Awards on February 26th, so now that Ratner has been fired for saying “fag”, Murphy is stepping down too. Maybe because he really really likes saying “fag”.

(source = hollywood reporter)

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    Gildorg 11/09/2011 15:40

    Damn it!

    The ol’ dinosaur isn’t running very well this late morning!

    Okay, Mr. Nutt, I accept the charge.

    Funds are a little tight, but I shall make a trip later to the Liquor Store. There is a Half-Gallon of some good 90 proof on-sale… At least it was when I was there a few days ago…


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    Mr. Nutt 11/09/2011 15:43

    You are a good man Gildorg. Just ask for reimbursement early or pick or pockets when we are passed out on the floor later.

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    Mr. Nutt 11/09/2011 15:52

    Obs, from the previous page, a GFCI trips at 4 or 5 milliamps.


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    MrAdams 11/09/2011 15:57

    They ought to get Ricky Gervais to host so somebody will watch it.

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    Pitbulllover 11/09/2011 16:04

    it is common knowledge that Eddie himself is a F*A*G. Why do you think it didn’t work out between him and Tracey Edmonds. She discovered that she would have to live with him, his mom, and his boyfriend.

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    Mr. Nutt 11/09/2011 16:04

    Adams, they could have all the Vivid girls host and hand out Oscars naked and I still won’t watch it. Something about a group of people patting themselves on the back for the crap they put out just doesn’t appeal to me in the least. They need someone funny because everything else is as boring as watching paint dry.

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    i hate you 11/09/2011 16:15

    black people are funny. i want one.

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    Tylerdurden389 11/09/2011 22:01

    Lol, it’s too bad the Oscar winners aren’t voted by fans. Because if that were the case, the Oscars would’ve been cancelled probably 2-3 years ago since there’d be no nominees because no one voted. Get it? Because today’s movies suck.

    Oh screw you guys. I’m going to my room to have an 80′s action movie marathon.

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