Jessica Simpson doesn’t give a f**k anymore

By brendon November 22, 2011 @ 5:18 PM


When Jessica Simpson posted this picture on twitter a few weeks ago, it seemed like she might try to keep herself together while she’s pregnant, but last night she and her giant-headed fiance Eric Johnson went to a birthday party for her nephew (Ashlee Simpsons son Bronx) and clearly that won’t be the case.

No makeup, a Harley Davidson shirt, sweatpants, and uggs. Out in public.

Years from now Bronx will say the greatest gift he received on his birthday was a terrifying fear of not pulling out.

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    SomeoneluvsU 11/22/2011 13:25

    Who hated Ugg’s?

  2. avatar
    Mr. Nutt 11/22/2011 13:31

    This is a disturbing trend that needs to be stopped!

  3. avatar
    psf 11/22/2011 13:48

    sometimes you sound like tim gunn, only gayer.

  4. avatar
    Rok 11/22/2011 13:49

    That makes two of us.

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    SsnakeOil 11/22/2011 14:05

    She looks good. Kind of a poor-man’s Rosie O’Donnell.

  6. avatar
    Rok 11/22/2011 14:15


    Have you ever stuffed a goose for Thanksgiving?

  7. avatar
    Gildorg 11/22/2011 14:17


    She used to be hot… Now she is just another stupid broad having a little bastard…

    Granted, she does have a shit-load of cash, so that alone does make her slightly better…

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    Observer 11/22/2011 14:19

    I’d STILL let her blow me……


    …yes DB’s Treasure hated Uggs…….

  9. avatar
    Observer 11/22/2011 14:24


    ….does this look swollen to you…….??

    possibly NSFW..

  10. avatar
    Rok 11/22/2011 14:26


    That does indeed look swollen to me.

    I’m no Dr poop, but she should probably slather some sunscreen on it before it burns.

  11. avatar
    SsnakeOil 11/22/2011 14:33

    Rok, I keep telling my wife, “There’s nothing like a Thanksgiving goose”, but she’s just not interested.

  12. avatar
    Rok 11/22/2011 14:38

    Do what observer does and grease up the old gullet with a handful of chickenfat.

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    i hate you 11/22/2011 14:52

    obs is that first image jessica samsonite?

  14. avatar
    Observer 11/22/2011 15:08

    i hate you……

    …sorry….no……she’s just some big-titted beauty sitting on a beach…..(wondering about me, no doubt)…..

  15. avatar
    Rok 11/22/2011 15:39


    What should I bring for Thanksgiving dinner?

  16. avatar
    Bonnie 11/22/2011 16:32

    MY God. what an unlovely mess….

  17. avatar
    Alvin Colina 11/22/2011 18:52

    I think she looks hot in that first pic. I have no problem admitting that I wanked to it.

  18. avatar
    drunkhardon 11/22/2011 19:32

    What a coincidence, no one else gives a f**k about her either.

  19. avatar
    BA732 11/23/2011 13:54

    more bitches that fell off the bandwagon:

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    zmxzmxzmx 11/26/2011 11:38

    Ni ke (R4,NZ,OZ,TL1,TL2,TL3) $35
    Hndbags(Coach lv fendi d&g) $35
    Tshirts (Polo ,ed hardy,lacoste) $16
    Jean(True Religion,ed hardy) $30
    Sunglasses(Oakey,coach,gucci,Armaini) $15
    New era cap $10
    Bikini (Ed hardy,polo) $25

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