Justin Bieber is a total badass

By brendon November 15, 2011 @ 4:03 PM


Justin Bieber flipped off the paparazzi last night in London on his way to have dinner at Mr. Chows with some friends and whoever this girl is. She’s probably his little fuck slave now. Justin Bieber takes what he wants. These paparazzi should stay out of his way and go take pictures of something safer, like werewolves.

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    SomeoneluvsU 11/15/2011 16:08

    She’s no Mariah Yeater
    I at least hope Mr Cows has clean restrooms.

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    Observer 11/15/2011 16:11

    Fuck slave…?

    ….I’m guessing Swedish nanny….

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    Observer 11/15/2011 16:12

    I think Bieber is directing those fingers to the haters against Penn State……..

    ….sometimes a shower is just a (full-on fuck session) shower

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    MrAdams 11/15/2011 16:15

    I’m intimidated by the Biebs now.

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    i hate you 11/15/2011 16:16

    badass biebs. haha! things are just weird around here lately. dumb movies, bad ass homos with hot mexican girlfriends and a lot of gay shit. really gay shit.

    on another note, did you know that oakley, kansas is the prairie dog capital of the world?

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    The Narrator 11/15/2011 16:21

    I wish the Biebs met Sandusky.

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    Mr. Nutt 11/15/2011 16:48

    What a dick! Watch me flip off people in the safety of my car as I drive away. This will come back to haunt him……I can only hope.

    Obs, thanks for picking up my slack on the previous post. The check is in the mail. I just put Obs, Boston on the front.

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    MrAdams 11/15/2011 17:00

    Actually, he wasn’t really flipping off anybody. He was just demonstrating that the colon cleansing that his boyfriend received works like a charm.

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    SomeoneluvsU 11/15/2011 17:04

    Give him a year…..
    He will be the K-Fed of this generation.

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    The Fried Man 11/15/2011 17:09

    What the fuck happened to boy band types? Fucking Donnie Wahlberg would have fucked Justin Bieber up when he was that age and then he would have fucked Selena Gomez propper. Even Lance Bass is more manly then this clown.

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    Ass Mint 11/15/2011 17:11

    twink’s got a tight pu-say

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    Observer 11/15/2011 17:18

    The Fried Man…..

    ….the Wahlburgs were protected pussies……

    …have you been to Wahlburgers yet……?

    I might try it out for lunch on Thursday

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    Death to Finkle! 11/15/2011 17:18

    Acid wash, ftw!

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    Observer 11/15/2011 17:19

    Mr. Nutt……@16:48……..

    ….I’ve been loving Seyfried for years…….

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    Jackazz 11/15/2011 17:20

    If that little fuck ever flipped me off, i’d punch him so hard in the vagina he’d pass out!!!!

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    The Original Lo Rider 11/15/2011 17:20

    WIth a little less color, that chick is Gwen Stefani. I am lighting a candle at the cathedral daily that the trailer chick had Bieber’s kid. I’m lighting a second candle to get Beiber’s child support paid directly to Jerry Sandusky. He’s gonna pay through the ass.

    Yours in Christ,


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    Mr. Poop 11/15/2011 17:20

    Fucking Canadian commie!

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    Rok 11/15/2011 17:23

    This whole Penn State issue has finally made me understand that it is no longer ok to shower with Pepper.

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    mikey the retard 11/15/2011 17:25

    i watn to tuch her pener

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    Beppo 11/15/2011 17:34


    He reminds me of the young lads I grew to know so well back on the U-boat as we patrolled the Straights of Gibraltar in the summer of 1940. Such eager young men, always willing to spit-shine your shoes or belt buckles in exchange for a hardy, “Well Done!”

    Spring is rapidly turning to summer here on the Steppe, and I hear the cat calls of the gauchos from my arbor window as they ride pantsless across the blossoming plains. In my mind’s eye, I can see their juevos bouncing in time with the strong gallop of their seething mounts.

    Perhaps this aging body will find the strength for one last adventure. One can hope and hopes turn to dreams . . . and a flaccid member of an old patriot can yet stand at rigid attention before I die.

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