Kim Kardashian is really sad :(

By brendon November 03, 2011 @ 1:22 PM


Kim Kardashian hasn’t been successful at all in convincing anyone that her marriage and almost instant divorce was anything more than a publicity stunt and trick to get lots of presents, so she’s gonna step things up and cancel her public appearances so she can focus extra extra hard on frowning in front of the paparazzi.

Kim has pulled out of a scheduled appearance at an Australian horse racing event — which would have nabbed her $153,000 for a one-hour appearance — to return home to Los Angeles and deal with the fallout from her divorce.
In a complete turnaround, the ubiquitous reality TV superstar, who was being paid to appear in the Swisse vitamins marquee at Saturday’s Stakes Day said she would be unable to attend the event in the wake of her divorce from basketballer Kris Humphries after just 72 days of marriage

Keep in mind that she was already in Australia and had been for a few days to promote her skin care line at a department store, but then public opinion turned against her, and suddenly she doesn’t have the courage to do appearances.

Hopefully Khloe made it back ok too. I heard that when the aborigines saw her one went to the edge of a cliff and blew into a conch shell and then a bunch of the tribes got together for the first time in over a hundred years. It had something to do with a painting on one of their cave walls and then they all got a bunch of nets.

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    Mac-Daddy 11/03/2011 13:41

    No tits = Don’t give a shit

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    Ass Mint 11/03/2011 14:04


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    BA732 11/03/2011 14:46

    if i had these pics i would be embarassed too……

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    Observer 11/03/2011 16:26

    It would seem useless cuntiness is not cured by marriage……

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    fluentinsilence 11/03/2011 17:47

    How the hell does simply making an appearance net someone that much money?

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