Wyclef Jean stole $10M from his Haiti charity

By brendon November 28, 2011 @ 5:20 PM


Wyclef Jeans charity ‘Yele Haiti’ was supposed to help rebuild Haiti in the wake of last years devastating earthquake, but over two-thirds of the money they collected last year is either missing or was funneled to companies owned in whole or part by Jean, his friends, or his family, or in one case to a company that doesn’t actually exist.

The NY Post says…

Yele Haiti’s coffers swelled to $16 million in 2010 (but they) spent just $5.1 million for emergency relief efforts, including food and water delivery to makeshift survivor camps.
Yele Haiti paid five contractors, including P&A Construction — which received $353,983 and is run by Warnel Pierre, the brother of Jean’s wife, Claudinette.
A purported Miami business called Amisphere Farm Labor Inc. received a whopping $1,008,000 as a “food distributor.”
No trace of the company could be found, but records show the company’s head, Amsterly Pierre, bought three properties in Florida last year, including a condo in an upscale waterfront community.
The address listed for the business is an auto-repair shop in Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood, where a worker said he had never heard of Pierre or Amisphere.

On one hand, it’s suspicious that the food distributor with a million dollars is also an auto body shop in Miami. On the other hand, driving to Haiti to distribute the food is probably really tough on their cars.

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    i hate you 11/28/2011 17:24

    wasn’t he running for president too, but couldn’t bc he wasn’t a resident or something…? glad to see that politics is also an arena where being a greedy dbag is not discriminatory.

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    uknowwhere2findme 11/28/2011 17:30

    they kill for less down there……fuck all the naggers……who gives a shit?

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    Mr. Nutt 11/28/2011 17:30

    I am only surprised by how long it took for somebody to figure it out. I knew it the second he opened his mouth. I am in the wrong business.

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    Mr. Nutt 11/28/2011 17:32

    Who was dumb enough to give 10M? I really am in the wrong business!

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    Observer 11/28/2011 17:43

    My aim in life has been to organize and work for a charity……

    ….”doing well by doing good”

    Some people want to help the homeless……….I’d prefer to help the hair-less…..


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    MrAdams 11/28/2011 17:48

    Oh, shit! Who could have seen this coming? A black, dishonest politician. What is the world coming to?

  7. avatar
    RangerLG 11/28/2011 17:49

    Why so judgmental? Let’s hear his side of the story. I’m sure there will be a perfectly good explanation about how the man stole donations.

  8. avatar
    Observer 11/28/2011 17:49

    Who needs a new avatar……???

    You’ll have to change on letter in the link…….due to the filter


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    Observer 11/28/2011 17:50


    ….maybe you won’t…..

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    The Drizzle 11/28/2011 17:58

    A fucking illiterate black “hip hop” artist turns out to be a thief and liar? Dear god, you have just destroyed my entire worldview, Durden.

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    The Drizzle 11/28/2011 18:01

    At least I can take solace in the fact that most black men are even-tempered and true to their word; as well as being good stewards to society and outstanding fathers and hard workers.

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    uknowwhere2findme 11/28/2011 18:03

    I don’t have one nagger for a friend….
    Have you ever sat next to one?
    They smell like BBQ….

    Non for me

  13. avatar
    Mr. Poop 11/28/2011 18:23

    I just want you all to know that I consider you all my dear, dear friends and wouldn’t trade you for anything

  14. avatar
    MrAdams 11/28/2011 18:26

    I thought today was supposed to be ‘Cyber Sex Monday’. That picture up at the top isn’t helping me get motivated.

  15. avatar
    The Fried Man 11/28/2011 18:28

    Lock his ass up and throw away the key. Fuck the French and their colonists.

  16. avatar
    mikey the retard 11/28/2011 18:31

    mr jerry sandbumsky made me git naked and soap up my pener after skool

  17. avatar
    iSlomoshun 11/28/2011 19:08

    What a nig…

    Hang ‘em..chop off his arms..put ‘em in a barrel of acid..w/e

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    i hate you 11/28/2011 19:11

    i like wyclef. you expect good journalism from the NYP, but who knows. here is the other side.


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    Mr. Nutt 11/28/2011 19:22

    All charities are somewhat of a rip-off. Under the guise of “operating costs”. I needed that rub and tug for 1000.00 to relieve stress from all the good charity work I do. I needed that Lamborghini to get to work. I needed that $500,000 house for the office on the ground floor.

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    Mr. Nutt 11/28/2011 19:27

    Do I think the media did a hit piece and lied in a story? Fuck yes I do!
    Do I think Wyclef or someone who works for him took a little on the side? Fuck yes I do!
    Do I give a fuck? I wouldn’t give nor would I read either of them, so what do you think?

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