Amber Heards girlfriend took topless pictures of her

By brendon December 19, 2011 @ 4:27 PM


Amber Heards girlfriend is a respected photographer named Tasya van Ree, and blah blah blah blah topless pictures of Amber. Though it’s hard to tell how many.

Most of the ones here should be of Amber, but Tasyas website has a bunch more that might be, with fancy pictures of naked girls all over the place. There’s naked girls getting on the floor, naked girls in some role play and fetish and asphyxiation thing, and naked girls who look like they’re about to start scissoring now that they’re alone. Today finally confirms everything Penthouse taught me about lesbians when I was 12.

(source = tasya van ree, and these pictures are all SFW because they’re in black and white which makes them artistic tits as opposed to pornographic tits)

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    Cocktail 12/19/2011 16:59

    There is a difference between “naked” and “topless”.

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    Pumpkinpiefudge 12/19/2011 17:10

    Missin’ mourgefilla1. No more funny comments here anymore. What the Fuck? Zombie man up and let us know what the fuck the deal is… right now you have no credibility.

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    dubbya 12/19/2011 17:18

    I never understood this kind of art. Put a funny hat and some weird lingerie on a bitch and tell her to look the other way while you take a picture. I’ve got a hidden camera in the Nordstrom rack ladies room that is FULL of art.

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    Mac-Daddy 12/19/2011 17:34

    Is it just me, or are there no “topless pictures of Amber Heard” in the post thread labled: “Topless pictures of Amber Heard”

    Are you calling the shot of her with her shirt open, but not showing any nipple, Topless?

    You, Bredumb, are Ghey

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    VaginaOfParis 12/19/2011 17:57

    Mac-D, nah, you gotta go to this Egotastic from 3 FUKKIN DAYS AGO if you want to see the actual photos:

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    Dave 12/19/2011 18:02

    Yawn. I’ve seen more sex appeal from a week old tomato. Silly confused little girl needs to grow the fuck up.

  7. avatar 12/19/2011 18:05

    Mmmm sideboob, it is a new way of looking TITS!

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    harleydavidson 12/19/2011 18:33

    wtf? i came here to see tits and i got this?

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    Jenny8675309 12/19/2011 21:19

    Wow, paaaathetic. I know you guys will never see real live boobs, but they made a special home for people like you in the Infinite world of Internet porn, go get um tigers…..

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    Pumpkinpiefudge 12/19/2011 22:00

    Some kind of plastic surgery on that nose. Looks like a play- dough nose to me.

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    Cocktail 12/21/2011 18:43


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