Lindsay stood up the Ellen DeGeneres show


The last time Lindsay Lohan was on a talk show was back in April, when she told Jay Leno the same stuff she always says; that she wants to be more professional and responsible and that she's not the dipshit party girl everyone thinks she is.

The next time Lindsay Lohan was supposed to be on a talk show was yesterday, with Ellen DeGenneres, but she went to some parties in Hawaii instead then skipped her flight back without even bothering to call them.

Lindsay Lohan bailed on her scheduled "Ellen DeGeneres Show" taping on Tuesday. Gossip Cop has learned the actress did NOT board her flight from Hawaii to Los Angeles. "Not a call or an apology from Lindsay," a show insider tells us. The show, a contractually obligated promotional appearance for her Playboy cover, was scheduled two months ago.

Yeah so it turns out that TV shows have a set schedule that they stick to. Pretty surprising, huh. This isn't like an abortion Lindsay, you cant just reschedule it for tomorrow.

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