models make Miami beach fun

By brendon December 07, 2011 @ 12:44 PM


Aida Yespica is a model from Venezuela who lives in Italy, and Claudia Galanti is a model from Paraguay who lives in Italy, and I’m already hopelessly confused but don’t care because there’s been almost no tits on the page lately and that is a heartbreaking outrage. Luckily Aida and Claudia were in Miami yesterday, grabbing each others asses.

The only down side was there was some dumbass kid in those pictures, and that little dick was ruining everything so he got photoshoped out. Obviously it would have been better if they left the kid in the car all day or sold him to a farm, but that’s apparently illegal thanks to these pussy Democrats we keep electing.

(image source = splash. btw this might be one of those very rare times when following me on twitter would be worthwhile)

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    Rok 12/07/2011 12:55

    I said, “God Damn!!!!!”

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    Mr. Nutt 12/07/2011 13:02

    How do you get drool off your keyboard?

    Wash them then bring them to me along with a handful of viagra and some lube.

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    Rok 12/07/2011 13:04

    I’d like to wear her ass for a hat

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    morguefilla1 12/07/2011 13:10

    unfortunately I cant go to the beach anymore due to people complaining about the crackling and popping sounds the massive “zit swamp” on my back makes as it cooks in the hot sun and hisses and bubbles like someone’s frying an egg.

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    Mr. Nutt 12/07/2011 13:15

    Oh, I need someone to stand by with a defibrillator, just in case.

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    minimosh 12/07/2011 13:25

    you that old, nutt?

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    i hate you 12/07/2011 13:32

    i like this post, which ensures it will be followed by something about chas bono or something.

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    MrAdams 12/07/2011 13:32

    Yeah, baby! You’re digging the most!

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    Mr. Nutt 12/07/2011 13:33

    Two models and a handful of Viagra I may need a little boost after a couple of hours. I don’t plan on them walking away without saying “OUCH!”

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    minimosh 12/07/2011 13:35

    ouch? you know how to please a woman.

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    The Fried Man 12/07/2011 13:39

    Is that dumb cunt walking in the ocean with an iPhone? Silly models.

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    Mr. Nutt 12/07/2011 13:39

    All holes will be reamed and creamed.

  13. avatar 12/07/2011 13:45

    someone needs to make pic 12 or 24 into an avi

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    minimosh 12/07/2011 13:50

    Oh, I don’t remember who asked but it was dot Indian. I thought I made that clear when I said that even an actual Indian from India thought I was Indian, but… guess not….

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    Mac-Daddy 12/07/2011 13:57

    those are some nice asses

    Tits not so bad either

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    Mr. Nutt 12/07/2011 13:58

    Hows that B.A.?

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    Zombie 12/07/2011 14:05

    Where are the fucking tits?

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    Mr. Nutt 12/07/2011 14:07

    Fucking tits? As opposed to looking tits? I guess multi-purpose tits would be the best.

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    Zombie 12/07/2011 14:11

    Not every question warrants a response, shit-dick.

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