Scarlett Johansson is a good influence

By brendon December 19, 2011 @ 1:02 PM


After a tough day on the set, how does Scarlett Johansson relax? With Laramie Extra-Tar cigarettes. “Ahh, that sweet Carolina smoke,” Scarlett probably said. “These Laramie cigarettes give me the steady nerves I need to play, I don’t know… is it a Russian prostitute? Because I look like a Russian prostitute.”

(image source of scarlett yesterday in glasgow on the set of ‘under the skin’ = pacific coast)

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    Admiral 12/19/2011 13:24

    Pfft, she’s no Imogen Poots.

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    SsnakeOil 12/19/2011 13:24

    You say “Russian prostitute” like it’s a bad thing.

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    Crumb Crisp Coating 12/19/2011 13:44

    Who the fuck cares, she has huge tits.

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    LeLY 12/19/2011 13:50

    Hard to imagine someone coming up with less funny text to accompany those pictures.

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    Cocktail 12/19/2011 14:40

    She only smokes those to get the taste of Sean Penn’s cock out of her mouth.

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    j4ck4l 12/19/2011 14:48

    Hard to imagine less boring pictures. Scarlett Johansonn smoked cigarettes this weekend. So did I, like 6 of them. Scarlett Johansonn could start smoking meth and i would still want to bang for at least the first couple of months.

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    SomeoneluvsU 12/19/2011 15:25

    It’s good to know she has no problem sticking things in her mouth.

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    harleydavidson 12/19/2011 18:35

    ill give her something to smoke.

    by that i do mean her performing fellatio on me.

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