Kanye thinks he’s making a ‘Jetsons’ movie

January 7, 2012 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Kanye West announced on Wednesday that he’s in discussions to become the creative director of a movie based on ‘the Jetsons’. Now, granted, there’s no such thing as “creative director of a movie”, and there is no movie being made about ‘the Jetsons’, but he has told Warner Brothers that he’s ready to take charge as soon as those things exist.

The producer who owns the film rights told Vulture

“The last two years I had various forms of communication from the studio that (Kanye) had this real love and interest in The Jetsons as an artist. My response was always, ‘Well, that’s great. We’ll let him know when we have a screenplay.’ I was thinking he was interested in it on a musical level, but apparently he’s deeply interested in art and architecture and wanted to be involved.”

If Kanyes idea of art and architecture is a cartoon about the future from 1962, it’s safe to assume he’s an idiot. His idea of archeology must be ‘the Flintstones’. Seeing a cavewoman use a baby mammoth for a vacuum cleaner must have blown his fucking mind.

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