OJ Simpson is Khloes real dad

By brendon January 19, 2012 @ 2:41 PM


Kris Jenner has yet to take Opie and Anthony up on their $250,000 offer to identify the father of Khloe Kardashian with a DNA test, and now we know why! Because her real father is Heisman wining assassin OJ Simpson.

‘O.J. told me Khloe’s his child,’ a source (told the Enquirer).
They allege that Khloe’s mother Kris Jenner had several trysts with O.J. around the time Khloe was conceived.
They also point out the similarities Khloe shares with O.J.’s 26-year-old daughter Sydney.
‘But they fell out when Nicole was murdered.’
They allege that O.J. boasted about his affair and told friends about a ‘secret love child’ he had.
‘O.J. bragged about his sex life and many female conquests, which he said included some of his best friends’ wives,’ yet another source told the National Enquirer.

When asked for a comment, Khloe threw a boulder into the water, then gave a haunting howl at the moonlight. Is that good? Does that mean, “yes”?

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    dubbya 01/19/2012 14:49

    ‘But they fell out when Nicole was murdered.’ well yeah, no money to be made being a simpson anymore.

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    Martin 01/19/2012 14:50

    HA! Called it.

  3. avatar
    mercury 01/19/2012 14:50

    That’d be kinda interesting if it true, I guess.

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    jimcardillo@yahoo.com 01/19/2012 17:36

    If the LA County DA’s office can’t convict OJ, maybe they can get Khloe to eat him

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    BA732 01/20/2012 15:20

    More proof… TEST RESULTS ARE FUKCIN’ IN!!!! http://www.brilliantarrogance.com/

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    chloe_hooperJJb 01/22/2012 15:11

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