Rainn Wilson has apologized for his rape joke


Everyone loves a good rape joke, but sometimes people can take it too far. This will not be one of those times, even though E! will act like it is.

Proving that funny people are sometimes capable of very unfunny things, Rainn Wilson (apologized this morning) after a date-rape joke yielded some immediate online criticism. "Apparently my poorly conceived date-rape tweet upset a lot of folks," he tweeted this morning. "Not a good topic to joke about. Sorry & won't do that again."

Now get ready to say, "wait, that was it?"

"If I were ever date raped I would want it to be to 'Whole Lotta Love' by Led Zeppelin," he wrote. Not hard to see where the controversy kicked in. However, Wilson has since deleted the tweet from his feed and replaced it with his apology. Lesson learned, we hope.

Let's hope, because there's nothing funny about date rape. Especially when you drug a girl and have sex with her while she's unconscious but then she wakes up right in the middle. It's soooo awkward. I could barely even finish.

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