Rihanna and Chris Brown are tweeting

By brendon February 20, 2012 @ 1:59 PM


As previously implied by the headline, Chris Brown and the Rihanna are talking again, at least on twitter. Chris sent a tweet to Rihanna early this morning saying Happy Birthday, which she thanked him for and then retweeted. He of course calls her by her real name “Robyn” because he knows her in real life. And thanks to him so does her ambulance driver for the same reason.


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    P3pp3r 02/20/2012 14:11

    who gives a shit….post more pics of TITS _ ASS and CAMELTOE

  2. avatar
    harleydavidson 02/20/2012 14:26

    what p3pp3r said.

    i could really give a shit about those two hoodrats.

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    Gildorg 02/20/2012 14:41


    There it needed to be said!

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    Rok 02/20/2012 15:05

    I have diarrhea

  5. avatar
    harleydavidson 02/20/2012 15:10

    in place of this bullshit i give you kate upton shaking that ass and inducing erections


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    Rok 02/20/2012 15:19

    She looks like she is going through withdrawals and thinks she has bugs on her.

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    Gildorg 02/20/2012 15:31

    I do love Kate’s Tits… However,

    That girl better score the rich guy who is going to pay for her while she still has youth on her side… I think Gravity is not going to treat her well as she gets old.

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    BA732 02/20/2012 16:19

    one of our favorite pasttimes is kicking chris brown in his catchers mitt…. http://www.brilliantarrogance.com/

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    Observer_Burn Notice 02/20/2012 16:34

    I’d hit her it…….

    ….unless she started snooping on my cellphone…..

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    Observer_Burn Notice 02/20/2012 16:35

    Brilliant Arrogance is a fine website……

    ….especially the sections with the naked chicks…..

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    sillysheeple 02/20/2012 18:00

    She must be bored, now that Jay-Z took a break, from beating up her pussy. Now she is considering her old job, angry monkey beating up her face.

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    sillysheeple 02/20/2012 18:03

    If anyone ever crosses paths, with Chris Brown and doesn’t kick his ass, they are committing treason against God.

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    jessiewatson 02/21/2012 02:31

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