someones about to get some songs written about him

By brendon February 08, 2012 @ 6:57 PM


Taylor Swift was probably pretty disappointed when she didn’t get a part in the upcoming film version of ‘Les Misérables’, especially since her boyfriend got the part he was going for in the same movie. That could make things a little awkward when she goes and visits him on the set.

Luckily he figured out a solution to that little problem. AOL says…

After losing out on the dream role of Eponine, Taylor Swift has reportedly been dealt another blow since being dumped by her new beau, actor Eddie Redmayne.
Taylor and Eddie were set to co-star in the ‘Les Mis’ flick together and (had) quickly gotten close as they prepped for filming. “They hung out in New York City with the movie’s execs. And Taylor developed feelings for him fast.”
However, when she was passed over, Redmayne’s feelings allegedly went from hot to cold. “Eddie’s not interesting in a long-distance relationship. The elements were against them. It’s a shame.”

I’m sure Taylor is annoying to date but this guy really does sound like an asshole. Unless he’s the guy from “Momento”, I’m pretty sure he could go film a movie for three weeks and then just come back to her. Stop being so dramatic, jackass.

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    xador 02/08/2012 19:17

    Is “Momento” the movie where the guy is gay, but keeps forgetting that he’s gay so he tattoos a dick on his dick, but that just confuses him even more?

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    simplebay 02/08/2012 20:22

    lol. Momento. Chris Nolan just shit his pants

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    P3pp3r 02/08/2012 20:55

    LOL. Momento. Br3nd@ just shit his pants

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    Eyes_Closed 02/08/2012 22:26

    Maybe she could secure a small part in Busty Cops 7

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    sis2catbat 02/08/2012 22:55

    So how many guys have to dump and run on old Taylor before you shift your obsession from Anniston to Swift?

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    BA732 02/09/2012 00:02


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    pinner 02/09/2012 00:42

    The Mr.Hyde of gossip sites–

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    harleydavidson 02/09/2012 08:55

    eyes closed, theres a few problems there. shes neither busty, nor a cop, nor a 7.

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