‘Teen Mom’ Leah Messer was jumped and beaten up

February 22, 2012 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

‘Teen Mom 2′ star Leah Messer says she was brutally attacked by 3 strangers, all women, outside of a movie theater in West Virginia this weekend. The women have yet to be identified or properly thanked.

19-year-old Leah (says) she had just left the theater with her fiance Sunday night when an older woman began following her and calling her names … Leah insists she tried to tell the woman to leave her alone when 2 other girls appeared out of nowhere and (began to punch her in the face).
?Sources say Leah’s fiance and a security guard managed to pull the three women off.

Leah should look at the bright side of this. She was desperate to be famous and now she is. All she has to do is leave off the second part of that thought, which “…for being a white trash retard who everyone hates.”

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