Disney will lose about $200 million on ‘John Carter’

By brendon March 21, 2012 @ 6:59 PM


Disney has announced it expects to lose around $200,000,000 on ‘John Carter’, which not only cost $250 million to produce, but spent another $100 million on advertising. Advertising which gave people the impression that this movie was about aliens in Arizona fighting a really good jumper who was wearing He-Mans chest plate for some reason.

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    dubbya 03/21/2012 19:25

    Only $200M? This site loses more than that a week!

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    Gildorg 03/21/2012 19:45

    You Know,

    I watched it and it wasn’t that bad…

    Shame, that it is gonna tank…

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    Mr. Pickles 03/21/2012 19:54

    I wonder how many push ups that guy can do?


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    Burbank 03/21/2012 21:29


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    justin credible 03/21/2012 22:17

    You know what, I watched that movie just the day before, I thought it was great! I mean, the advertising for it was shit, but I still went coz I had a hankering for some escapism and it was actually a good movie. Shame really. The storyline was pretty good, and apart from the princess who looked a bit like someone trying to hide an adams apple, I thought the movie was pretty damn good. Good CGI too.

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    2081greg 03/21/2012 23:17

    I thought it was a great movie. Maybe they will make the money back from the DVD and blu-ray.

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    Mr. Pickles 03/22/2012 00:30

    You have great CGI . . . .

    (crappy gey intuition)


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    Gildorg 03/22/2012 08:30


    Mondays suck ass!

    Opening shifts are poopy! (Not in a good way…)

    Have a good one, fellas!

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    SomeoneluvsU 03/22/2012 09:33

    I’m with Ulysses S Grant on this one.

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    Rok 03/22/2012 09:49

    This is what passes for tits around here now

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    Mr. Nutt 03/22/2012 10:02

    Morning gentlemen. *scratches balls* I got tired of waiting yesterday and I left. What did I miss?

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    iSlomoshun 03/22/2012 10:03

    I like all kinds of movies, sci-fi, adventure, action, mystery, thriller…this movie is good in my book. Saw it last week and it surprised the hell out of me.

    To put it in perspective my favorite movies are Inception, Blade Runner, Pulp Fiction, Lucky Number Slevin, L.A. Confidential, Big Fish..and more but as you can see it varies.

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    Mr. Nutt 03/22/2012 10:08

    Apparently, in order to win the Super bowl, the Broncos needed to sacrifice a virgin.

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    Mr. Pickles 03/22/2012 10:26


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    Observer 03/22/2012 11:03

    My wife is dying to see this….

    ….who wants to take her…?

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    Mr. Nutt 03/22/2012 11:37

    I will if you work your financial wizardry on my investments.

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    Mr. Tickles 03/22/2012 11:38

    I will take her. Do you want her back?


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    Mr. Nutt 03/22/2012 11:39

    Although, if your financial wizardry is anything like your bracket picks, I’ll take her if you stay away from my investments……

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    2 fingers 1 Thumb 03/22/2012 11:49

    I want to take Rokey’s ex wife…

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    HowardAudrey 03/22/2012 11:55

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