Heather Morris and January Jones Got Hacked

By author March 12, 2012 @ 10:30 AM


The newest internet meme is apparently hacked cell phone pics whether real (Heather Morris, above) or fake (January Jones). Unfortunately I won’t be posting either of them because I’m new around here and I’m not sure what the protocol is, however, the lawyer aiming a handgun at my crotch seems to have a firm grasp on the situation. You’re all familiar with Google, right? Great, let’s move on.

P.S. The gallery below is the only set of passably attractive photos of Heather Morris I could find with the absolute minimal effort required to substitute for this gig.
P.P.S. Don’t look at the face.

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  1. The Puppet 03/12/2012 10:34

    Meester new guy…does dees look swollen to jew?

  2. Observer 03/12/2012 10:39

    Heather Morris is reasonably ugly……but she has a fantastic body……

  3. Mr. Nutt 03/12/2012 10:41

    AKA “Butterface”

  4. Mr. Nutt 03/12/2012 10:42

    She must suck a mean cock?

  5. Rok 03/12/2012 10:47

    Mister New Guy,

    Teacher always lets us play soggy cookie on Mondays at morning recess.

  6. NautiusMaximus08 03/12/2012 10:48

    What’s wrong with her face?

    And who is she?

  7. minimosh 03/12/2012 10:52

    She’s on Glee. A dancer so of course her body is nice. Kind of a long face and big nose. Who am I to judge?

  8. The Puppet 03/12/2012 10:52

    Juat ees wrong wit her face?
    Other then looking like my horse?

  9. minimosh 03/12/2012 10:53

    and who is 2 fingers 1 thumb? Everybody has new profiles it seems…

  10. harleydavidson 03/12/2012 10:54

    ive never heard of heather morris for good reason. i dont fucking watch glee.

    but based on the evidence provided by mr nutt, i think i would give her a good old fashioned ass fucking.;

  11. Rok 03/12/2012 10:55


    I’m still here. I think 2 fingers is Ohmwrecker, or Zombie.

    I always get those two mixed up.

    Could be Observer.

    Ask him if he likes fucking. That should be a sure giveaway.

  12. Observer 03/12/2012 10:56


    ….cute……a display of all the “pups” for the new boy…….

  13. Observer 03/12/2012 10:57

    Where are RedRage and Woodman….???

    I am Doctress Leisa……

  14. Observer 03/12/2012 10:57

    The Puppet…..

    …does this look flaccid and vestigial to you…..???

  15. minimosh 03/12/2012 10:58

    I haven’t been on in forever, rokie, everything is so different. I’m in Las Vegas right now and had some “down time” so I thought I’d pop in.

  16. Mr. Nutt 03/12/2012 10:58

    I thought that was Hate?

  17. Cocktail 03/12/2012 10:58

    That’s what i thought.

  18. Cocktail 03/12/2012 10:59

    Normally, I just assume everybody is Rokin until proved differently.

  19. minimosh 03/12/2012 11:00

    that’s a good strategy.

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