Selena Gomez & Vanessa Hudgens Are in Bikinis Part 2


I noticed in yesterday's 'Spring Breakers' post that I forgot to mention that Ashley Benson is also in this movie. But it seems that even the paparazzi don't care about her because she's literally in five of these shots. Only one of which shows anything but her face, which by the look of these production candids will have little to do with the plot of this movie. 'What if they decide to rob the bank wearing bikinis?!' is almost definitely something that was said during a table read.

[gallery ids="1002401,1002392,1002412,1002391,1002911,1002411,1002901,1002382,1002891,1002422,1002881,1002511,1002872,1002501,1002871,1002491,1002862,1002472,1002852,1002842,1002841,1002541,1002531,1002521,1002481,1002471,1002462,1002452,1002442,1002441,1002432,1002381,1002372,1002371,1002361,1002351,1002341,1002332,1002322,1002312,1002302,1002292,1002551,1002561"]

(Image Source = INFDaily, Pacific Coast News, Splash News)

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