There is Nothing Fake About This Kardashian Lingerie Ad


Let's pretend for a moment that it's not at all creepy for three sisters (even if one's only half-related) to pose seductively in lingerie together and take a look at the composition here. If you think there's nothing deceptive going on, let me clarify how a professional photographer goes about removing half of a person's mass from a picture. First, he sets up at least fifty yards away and racks until he's just barely in focus. Then he reassesses, has his assistant bring over a bucket of scotch and fires the rest of the crew because their salaries are now needed for a photoshop editor. Don't believe me?

Here's Khloe in December looking to be in identical shape as the person in the ad. [gallery ids="1000861,1000911,1000892,1000882,1000902,1000881,1000871"]

(Image Source = Pacific Coast News, Splash News)

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