There is Nothing Fake About This Kardashian Lingerie Ad

By author March 14, 2012 @ 2:30 PM


Let’s pretend for a moment that it’s not at all creepy for three sisters (even if one’s only half-related) to pose seductively in lingerie together and take a look at the composition here. If you think there’s nothing deceptive going on, let me clarify how a professional photographer goes about removing half of a person’s mass from a picture. First, he sets up at least fifty yards away and racks until he’s just barely in focus. Then he reassesses, has his assistant bring over a bucket of scotch and fires the rest of the crew because their salaries are now needed for a photoshop editor. Don’t believe me?

Here’s Khloe in December looking to be in identical shape as the person in the ad.

(Image Source = Pacific Coast News, Splash News)

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    dubbya 03/14/2012 14:34

    50 yards away? More like 50 light years away.

  2. avatar
    Observer 03/14/2012 14:34

    Sister Acts are NEVER creepy……

    …Sasquatch acts can be….

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    RangerLG 03/14/2012 14:36

    Looks shopped. I see no black guys in that photo.

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    Sono 03/14/2012 14:53

    I don’t think all three of them are even from the same picture. I’ve seen images of them standing together and Kloe always looks like she’s literally towering above the other two and in this one they’re almost all the same height even though they each have heels on massive heels on.

    I’m going to have to call shenanigans for a number of reasons.

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    Rok 03/14/2012 14:57

    Lingerie is a waste,

    Just slather em up in bacon fat, throw down a drop cloth and let the dogs into the house.

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    The Narrator 03/14/2012 14:58

    All the photoshop in the world can’t make the one in the middle hot

  7. avatar
    Rok 03/14/2012 15:05

    I’d fuck all three of them, but they’d have to let me get some ice cream and take a nap in between.

  8. avatar
    Cocktail 03/14/2012 15:13

    Talk about mudflaps, my gal’s got ‘em!

  9. avatar
    FreeWifi 03/14/2012 15:23

    Now that was funny!

  10. avatar
    Rok 03/14/2012 15:30

    Is everyone outside?

  11. avatar
    RangerLG 03/14/2012 15:38

    I sure wish I was.

  12. avatar
    Observer 03/14/2012 15:42

    I’d rather be inside….the three of ‘em…..

  13. avatar
    Gildorg 03/14/2012 16:12

    Sadly, I would fuck all of them in the ass…

    But, I figure that Kim’s ass is like throwing a stick down the Grand Canyon…

  14. avatar
    iSlomoshun 03/14/2012 17:25

    I wish death upon all these talentless money grubbing whores.

  15. avatar
    Pugiron 03/14/2012 17:45

    Moo Moo Moo

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    jillywilliams 03/15/2012 11:02

    so…kim is 5 foot 2. khloe is 5 foot 10. yep.

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