this Miss Canada finalist used to be a boy

By brendon March 26, 2012 @ 9:44 PM


A 23-year-old named Jenna Talackova was a finalist in the Canadian Miss Universe pageant, until today, when they discovered that she was born a boy and then had a sex-change operation when she was 19. And you can’t have a bikini contest with a girl who is technically 4. Well you can but you get in a lot of trouble.

“Jenna Talackova from Vancouver, British Columbia, will not compete in the 2012 Miss Universe Canada competition because she did not meet the requirements to compete despite having stated otherwise on her entry form,” the pageant organization said Friday in a statement. “We do, however, respect her goals, determination and wish her the best.”
Eligibility requirements indicate that a contestant must be female and never have been married or pregnant.

I’m surprised R. Kelly doesn’t date more girl like this. He could legally bang a vagina that’s 4 years old.

(source = la times and model mayhem)

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    Cocktail 03/26/2012 23:06

    So what are they saying? Are inflatable dolls and fleshlights the next to be banned? They ought to have a Miss Plastic Canada contest as an alternative.

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    2 fingers 1 Thumb 03/26/2012 23:20


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    Mr. Tickles 03/26/2012 23:29



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    Mr. Poop 03/26/2012 23:41

    Fucking Canadians.

    What do you expect? They’re barely human after all.

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    Habitual Line Stepper 03/27/2012 00:08

    Canada: Even our boys are hotter than your girlfriend.
    Suck on that.

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    Mr. Poop 03/27/2012 00:25


    Does everybody have a penis in Canada?

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    Burbank 03/27/2012 05:29

    Damn, things are different north of the border.

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    harleydavidson 03/27/2012 08:06

    damn. and this is right after i find out the hookers in windsor won their supreme court case to allow brothels in ontario.

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    Mr. Nutt 03/27/2012 08:49

    One more reason to go to war with Canada!

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    Eyes_Closed 03/27/2012 09:20

    I sure hope P3eep3er can get unbanned for this story…..

    …’s right up his “alley”…..

    Am I right Mr. R0kin……?

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    GeoBuzz 03/27/2012 09:22

    I’d still fuck her/him. Guys, would you not go to a bar because it used to be a nail salon?

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    Guinny_Ire 03/27/2012 09:45

    Justin Bieber. First Bitches!

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    Mr. Poop 03/27/2012 10:24


    P epper is the only Canadian on this site without a penis

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    facepiss 03/27/2012 10:30

    Not as hot as Chazzzz Bono. Haters gonna hate

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    Rok 03/27/2012 10:36

    I wonder what her clam smells like

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    Observer 03/27/2012 10:50

    I wonder if Brand@n can get the pregnancy pics……

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    Rok 03/27/2012 10:57


    Why don’t you take a bullet for the team and knock up Mrs. O so we can all watch her go through the process of “blossoming” as a woman.

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    Observer 03/27/2012 11:01

    (Hard as a)Rok

    I’ll try…..

    …do you have any instructional videos handy………??

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    Gildorg 03/27/2012 11:03

    Damn Fifty-First Staters!

    And just plain, eww…

    I hate waking up early on a day-off…

    This sucks, I don’t think I drank enough last night…

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    Rok 03/27/2012 11:24

    Have you all looked at the bottom page of Yuckie in a while. It looks like a bunch of web-geeks had a gang bang there.

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