Amanda Bynes hit a cop car, got a DUI

By brendon April 06, 2012 @ 4:54 PM


You shouldn’t drive if you’ve been drinking, but if you do, you need to be extra careful and you can’t look suspicious and you definitely need to avoid the police. You shouldn’t drive into the back of a squad car at 3am, for example. Amanda Bynes apparently didn’t know any of this.

The LA Times says:

Amanda Bynes was arrested early Friday morning on suspicion of DUI in West Hollywood after she allegedly hit the rear corner of a sheriff’s cruiser while trying to pass it.
(She) was in custody at the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station before being released around 10:30 a.m. on $5,000 bail.

On the plus side, she was wearing a really short skirt and looked kinda hot when she left jail this morning. 3 years of probation is a small price to pay for sexy paparazzi pictures.

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    dubbya 04/06/2012 17:01

    I’m getting a weird boner right now.

  2. avatar
    Shaugh69 04/06/2012 17:38

    She got legggzzzzzz… too bad she don’t know how to use ‘em.

  3. avatar
    Mr. Nutt 04/06/2012 18:09

    She better get on the horn to Lindsay Lohan right away for some advice on how to stay out of jail.

  4. avatar
    Mr. Nutt 04/06/2012 18:21

    All that money they make and they give it to an agent, PR, hair stylist, accountant and whoever and not one dime for a cab. Fuck, I’ll drive and I don’t need cash. Ass or grass will suffice.

  5. avatar
    The Mildly Tanned Knight 04/06/2012 18:39

    Can we finally get a sex tape now? Quick, before nobody cares anymore.

  6. avatar
    Terrence Maddox 04/06/2012 18:43

    I’ve wanted to bang her for almost 10 years now. Maybe I now have a chance.

  7. avatar
    jon93y 04/06/2012 19:05

    Jesus dude. I used to love this site for possible sex tape/hacked nude phone pics and all the whatnot. I still have one of your lines in my regular rotation (“I’d rather fuck a fire” Genius.). But this 1 – 3 kinda boring posts per day hurts. Hurts, I say. C’mon man.

  8. avatar
    Cocktail 04/06/2012 19:15

    I volunteer to be Amanda’s designated driver. Driving my cock deep inside of her.

  9. avatar
    Gildorg 04/06/2012 19:26

    She should take it up her ass…

    It would be a learning experience for her!

  10. avatar
    Mr. Nutt 04/06/2012 20:16

    Gildorg, you and Adams could double team her! Wait for me to get my camera.

  11. avatar
    Mr. Nutt 04/06/2012 21:19

    I was thinking of doing this to lindsay Lohan.

  12. avatar
    Tylerdurden389 04/06/2012 21:52

    Over-under on sex tape leak?

  13. avatar
    Mr. Pickles 04/06/2012 23:22

    I have a sex tape!


  14. avatar
    2 fingers 1 Thumb 04/07/2012 00:02

    Does it involve humans?

  15. avatar
    jermery 04/07/2012 02:42

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  16. avatar
    Gildorg 04/07/2012 10:46


    That is a little harsh, Mr. Nutt…

    Ask jermery about his co-workers Aunt…
    I heard that she got Gravel Dicked the other night…

    Off to work for me,

    Have a good one, Fellas!

  17. avatar
    minimosh 04/07/2012 11:40

    When the cop looks at her license and says “You’re Amanda Bynes?” she says “Thaaat’s MEEEE!”. Would have been hilarious.

  18. avatar
    MitchellWilda 04/07/2012 15:41


  19. avatar
    2 fingers 1 Thumb 04/07/2012 17:22

    gravel dicking is not good for your pee pee

  20. avatar
    Mr. Pickles 04/07/2012 19:15

    PIckle Ticklers!


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